Safety, Risk and Sustainability

Health and Safety

Safety Committee

It is the goal of California State University Monterey Bay to provide a safe and healthful environment for students, employees and visitors. The University, through this Safety Committee, supports that goal by addressing safety concerns and providing communication between interested parties.

The Committee meets as often as necessary to fulfill its obligations, but not less than once per semester. Meeting minutes are available for review by all employees. If employees who are not committee members would like to attend a meeting, please email for more information.

Committee actions include assessing safety information and recommending corrective actions to faculty, staff, students or campus administration.


The Safety Committee derives its authority from:

  • An ethical obligation to protect students, visitors and staff.
  • The obligation of the University to provide a safe and healthful workplace (OSHA General Duty Clause).
  • The obligation of the University to provide an illness and injury prevention program including a safety communications system and procedures for correcting unsafe/unhealthy conditions (Labor Code Section 6401.7 and California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 3203).
  • CSU Executive Order 1039 California State University Occupational Health and Safety Policy.


  • Maintain a campus community that is a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff, affiliates and visitors.
  • Provide a forum for review of safety and health concerns, major incidents, and recommendations for improvement and corrective actions.
  • Increase campus awareness of safety and health issues and programs.
  • Evaluate campus public safety programs, identify gaps, and make recommendations for change or adoption programs.
  • Promote communication regarding health and safety issues between all relevant campus entities.
  • Review information related to safety including: injury and occupational illness reports, accident reports, safety suggestions/alleged hazardous conditions, external regulatory inspections, internal health/safety/environmental inspections.
    • The Committee shall meet bi-annually except that additional meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the chair to assure timely consideration of matters before the committee.
    • The Committee may request technical assistance as necessary from subject matter experts within the campus community.
    • The Committee shall receive administrative support from the University Police Department.

    Diana Ballesteros Associate Director, OSU Otter Student Union


    Andrea Bozant Assistant Director of HR University Corporation, HR


    Flavia Calusdian UPD IT Systems/ Services Consultant Tech Support Services


    Anthony Cardinale  Lead Painter Unit 6 Teamsters


    Melanie Chavez Associate Director of Employee & Labor Relations, Compliance & Leave Programs Human Resources
    Timothy Collins Senior Coordinator of Recreation Unit 4, Intramural & Rec Sports/ Academic Professionals of California (APC)
    Monica Conner Office Coordinator for Student Life

    Unit 7, Dean of Students
    Brendon Coye Campus Planner FMD/Planning


    Robert Escobedo Police Officer Unit 8, University Police Department,
    Jason Filice Information Technology Consultant

    Unit 9, Tech Support Services
    Damian Flores Laborer Unit 5, Shipping & Receiving
    Ken Folsom Emergency Manager University Police Department
    Yvonne Gordon  Police Commander University Police Department


    Ana Hernandez Senior Director of Health and Wellness Services Health & Wellness Services
    Anthony Huff Associate Director of Maintenance & Operations Maintenance and Operations
    Amanda Jennings Head Athletic Trainer

    Unit 2, Healthcare Support



    Matthew Kelly Associate Director of Construction Construction Project Management


    Ryne Leuzinger Associate Librarian/Lecturer

    Unit 3, CFA


    Pablo Morales Automotive & Equipment Mechanic Unit 6, Automotive
    Mitchell Reid Academic Environmental Health & Safety Specialist Environmental Health, Safety, Risk Management
    Linda Schaedle ADA Leaves & Workers' Compensation Analyst  Human Resources
    Interim AVP Chief John Short Interim Associate VP Chief of Police and Public Safety University Police Department


    Andy Sierra Facilities Manager for Corporation & Auxiliary Services Facilities Management
    Amy Thomas Director of Environmental Health, Safety, Risk Management & Sustainability Environmental Health, Safety, Risk Management & Sustainability
    Taylor Wilson Performing Arts Technician Performing Arts/Music


    Julie Wyrick  Director of Campus Planning & Development Planning Design & Construction