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Laboratory Hazardous Material & Waste Disposal Guidelines

Laboratory Hazardous Waste: General Guidelines


Hazardous waste labels must be placed on the container upon the start of accumulation ,be complete, legible, and in good condition.

All labels must be dated the day chemicals are first added to the waste container, and the day that it is full or are finished adding hazardous waste.

The labeling requirements for hazardous waste labeling are as follows:

  1. The words "Hazardous Waste" must be on the label
  2. Contact information (name and phone number/ extension)
  3. Chemical constituents (NO trade names, NO abbreviations, NO chemical formulas)
  4. Hazards listed (corrosive, toxic, oxidizer, flammable, etc. )
  5. Date when container is started
  6. Date when container is full or you are no longer planning on accumulating any more waste in that container.


  1. Must be stored at a designated Satellite Accumulation area (SAA) at or near the point of generation until "full" or ready for disposal.
  2. Must not exceed 55 gallons of hazardous waste or 1 quart of acutely hazardous waste. They must be removed from the Satellite Accumulation Area within 3 calendar days of these volume limits or when considered "full" (meaning no additional waste collection).
  3. Must be stored in chemically compatible containers in good condition and kept closed at all times, except when adding waste.
  4. Waste containers must be stored in chemically compatible secondary containment that will adequately contain 110% of the contents of the largest container or 10% of the total volume of all the containers, whichever is greater.
  5. Report any damaged containers to AEHS (x4630).
  6. DO NOT accumulate waste longer than 1 year in a container that is not full. If container is getting close to its 1 year accumulation time please contact AEHS (x4630) for pickup.