Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

Risk Management


How do I insure events involving the general public?

For most campus events, the best way to protect the University is to have attendees/participants sign a Release of Liability Form in which they acknowledge event participation. 

What if I want to hold a campus function at an off-campus facility?

If your department sponsors an event off-campus, the host facility will probably ask you to provide evidence of insurance or a Certificate of Insurance (CoI). Please contact risk@csumb.edu for questions or assistance with the form.  For stateside-funded events/contracts, contact: Business and Support Services/contracts. Corporation funded events/contracts, contact: Corporation Contracts and Process.

What if an off-campus group wants to use a campus facility?

The general liability insurance program does not cover on-campus events held by off-campus groups. Should your department allow an off-campus group to use campus facilities, the off-campus group must provide evidence that its insurance will pay for damage, losses, and injuries. Such evidence usually comes in the form of a Certificate of Insurance (CoI) naming The Regents as “Additional Insureds”. For CSUMB facility rentals, please contact: specialevents@csumb.edu. For insurance assistance, please contact: risk@csumb.edu.

What is Indemnification?

Indemnification is an agreement where your insurer helps cover loss, damage, or liability incurred from a covered event. Indemnity is another way of saying your insurer pays for a loss, so you don't have financial damages.

What is Risk Management's role with Indemnification?

The Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM) shall develop indemnification standards for the University’s use in agreements, contracts, and memorandum of understanding (MOU).

How does CSUMB handle claims against the University?

Claims against the University-maintained insurance programs shall be reported to and coordinated by the Office of Enterprise Risk Management (liability, property, injury and illness).

University Personnel and Employment Equity shall be responsible for direct handling of all work-related claims by employees.

Intercollegiate Athletics shall be responsible for the direct handling of all athletic injury claims.


How does the University protect their employees from claims made against them?

CSUMB: Staff, Officers, Volunteers

Subject to limited exceptions, the State of California (including California State University Monterey Bay) is obligated by law to provide defense and indemnification for employees for acts occurring within the course and scope of their employment duties.


Volunteers working on campus must register at the University Personnel Office, Mountain Hall E.