Safety, Risk and Sustainability

Defensive Driving

Most departments maintain some type of control over their defensive driving program and process.

  1. Contact your MPP/Dept Admin to inquire about your department's process prior to submitting documents to the Defensive Driving office.
  2. Follow the guidelines, procedures, and submission process of your department before submitting any paperwork to our office.
  3. Some departments vet all of their faculty, staff, and students documents prior to submitting all required paperwork to ensure accuracy.
  4. Some departments request that you submit the paperwork directly to our office.
  5. Drivers only register once no matter how many departments they drive for. However, we do request that you notify us of the various departments you drive for, names of your supervisors, and the department’s 4 digit code. Our office will reach out to the primary MPP to see if approval to drive for multiple departments is approved. Note: Supervisors must be MPPs.