Safety, Risk and Sustainability

Defensive Driving


  • Please follow your department’s internal processes for submitting your request.
  • In order to add an individual into the Defensive Driving database, our office needs to verify the email address of the individual requesting certification/submitting the documents. 
  • Initial submissions should be sent in one PDF and labeled properly with the individual's name. Please email submissions to
  • Note to submitter and support staff: we ask that when emailing documents to us you also include the individual requesting the certification.
  • Please do not send documents directly from a scanner, we cannot respond to the printer IP address.
      1. Registration form:
        • Fill in all fields. 
        • Pay close attention to the following fields: 
          • Department ID: 4 digits
          • Supervisor: MUST be an MPP
          • CSUMB email address
          • Division name and Type (employment type: staff, faculty, etc.).
      2. Form INF 1101, Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information
        • This form registers all participants into the Employee Pull Notice Program (EPN). EPN provides information pertaining to your driving record. 
        • EPN notifications are sent to the Driving office:
          • On the yearly anniversary of when you were entered into the program;
          • If there is any change to your drivers’ license record or to your drivers status (driving violations or point(s) against a driving record;
          • Changes made through the CA Department of Motor Vehicles (CA-DMV) which may include name, address, or health status change
        • Fill out the top portion of the form only.
      1. Legal first and last name
      2. Fill out the DL portion ONLY if you have a CA DL
      3. Company name: CSUMB
      4. Executed at:
        • Seaside
        • Monterey County
        • State: CA
      5. Defensive Driving Certificate (DDC) of completion.
        • Log-into SumTotal through your CSUMB Dashboard;
        • SumTotal Course Instructions;
        • Take the course titled:  Defensive Driver Program: Driving Safely, Driving Smarter
        • Complete the course, and then:
        • Continue through the screens until you come to the Course Certificate;
        • Screenshot the certificate showing that you have successfully completed the course with an 80% or better;
        • Attach the certificate of completion to the rest of your paperwork.
      6. A copy of the individual's current valid driver license, (regardless of state) front side only.
      7. Submit ALL paperwork in one email to:
      8. Once all paperwork has been reviewed for accuracy and completion, a notification will be sent out granting approval to Drive on University Business
      1. Form STD 261, Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business . Must be renewed annually to remain eligible.
        • Pay close attention to the following fields:
          • Supervisor: MUST be a MPP (same as named on the registration form)
          • Supervisor Title;
          • Date signed.                                                                                                        *NOTE: IF you are not intending to drive a personal vehicle on university business, you need not submit this form.  IF you are in an accident while driving on university business you are required to use your own personal car insurance.   
      1. CSUMB Volunteer/Person of Interest, is to be submitted by non-university   employees. "University Employees" are defined as those persons who have completed all prerequisites to CSU employment. This includes all CSU faculty, staff, and student assistants and persons on appointed volunteer status (Job Class Code 0050). 
      1. LVS/Cart Driver Training