Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

Defensive Driving

Authorized Drivers List: Authorized Drivers List (updated monthly)

Each department has their own process by which they process and track your Defensive Driving certification.  However, it is ultimately the drivers responsibility to do so. 

Each month (by the end of the first full week of the month) the Authorized Drivers List will be updated and posted to this page, the EHSRM Documents and Forms page, and will be inserted into the defensivedriving@csumb.edu auto-responder.  The information is recorded by last name first, and then the first name.  If your name is not on the list and you believe it should be, please contact our office for assistance and clarification: defensivedriving@csumb.edu

Individuals Authorized to Drive on University Business (DUB) for the state are responsible for ensuring that their authorizations and paperwork stay current. To ensure that you are in active/current status please visit the Authorized Drivers List (updated monthly) or the Documents and Forms page under D for Driving on University Business. 

For reference, the expiration dates to mark on your calendar are as follows:
  • Defensive Driving Certificate (DDC)- course certificate: 4 years from the date YOU completed the course, not the date you submitted to our office to process. (required)
  • DL: the date listed on the DL. (required)
  • STD: 1 year from the date YOU signed the form, not your MPP or the date you submitted to our office to process. (optional)

The Authorized Drivers List categories are as follows:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Driver's license
  • Defensive Driving Course certificate (DDC)
    • To be certified you must renew the online course certification every 4 years.
  • STD261 (Authorization to drive a personal vehicle). This is optional/not required.
    • To be certified you must renew annually. The date for renewal is the date in which the driver has signed the form. Not the date the MPP signed nor the date submitted/processed to our office. 
  • LSV/Cart Driver certification. This is option/not required.
    • To be certified you must renew the online course certification every 4 years.
    • If you have recently become certified: submit the course certificate to the individual who is responsible for your behind the wheel training.
    • If you were previously certified, please follow your department's process for defensive driving paperwork submissions.