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  • NOTE: While no longer required at this time, during the COVID-19 pandemic period CSUMB follows the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard §3205.4. COVID-19 Prevention in Employer-Provided Transportation
    • If driving alone a face cover is not required.
    • If more than one person in a vehicle, then face covers must be worn by all. Managers must assure a supply of disposable masks are available in department owned/operated vehicles.
    • Employees may request an N95 respirator for voluntary use from this online form.
    • Employees may not arrive to work, drive for university business, or share transportation with any COVID-19 symptoms.
    • If more than one person is in a vehicle, then vehicle windows must be kept at least partially open, and the ventilation system set to maximize outdoor air and not set to recirculate air. Windows do not have to be kept open if the vehicle has functioning air conditioning in use and excessive outdoor heat would create a hazard to employees.
    • Managers must provide alcohol wipe disinfectant supplies and hand sanitizer in each department owned/operated vehicle for use by all occupants.
    • All high-contact surfaces used by drivers, such as the steering wheel, armrests, seatbelt buckles, door handles and shifter, shall be cleaned to prevent the spread of COVID-19 between different drivers, and are disinfected after use by a COVID-19 case during the high-risk exposure period, if the surface will be used by another employee within 24 hours of the COVID-19 case.
  • Hands-Free Communications: Talking- VS- Video Conferencing (ZOOM with video on): If you are on the road or on the go, and you are required to be on a video call, you should be using the Dial-in option only.  

    Under Veh Code 23123.5.,  a) A person shall not drive a motor vehicle while holding and operating a handheld wireless telephone or an electronic wireless communications device unless the wireless telephone or electronic wireless communications device is specifically designed and configured to allow voice-operated and hands-free operation, and it is used in that manner while driving.

    Under  Veh Code 27602  (a) A person shall not drive a motor vehicle if a television receiver, a video monitor, or a television or video screen, or any other similar means of visually displaying a television broadcast or video signal that produces entertainment or business applications, is operating and is located in the motor vehicle at a point forward of the back of the driver’s seat, or is operating and the monitor, screen, or display is visible to the driver while driving the motor vehicle.

    1. Reimbursement of your expenses depends upon maintaining current documentation. Be sure to ask your supervisor to expedite the signing and forwarding of your documents.
    2. Temporary Agency employees are not authorized to drive for University business.
    3. Under Travel Policies and Procedures you will find the information needed/required for the CA Driver Handbook and the ORIM website for full instructions on completing the necessary forms to report an accident.
    4. For more information please see the CSU Use of University and Private Vehicles Guide.
  • Definition of University (CSU) Employees: "University employees’’ are defined as those persons who have completed all prerequisites to CSU employment. This includes all CSU faculty, staff, and student assistants and persons on appointed volunteer status (Job Class Code 0050). Persons who are not “University employees,” are not authorized to drive University vehicles. This includes students (unless appointed as volunteers). Members of the Board of Trustees, as officers of the University, are authorized to drive University vehicles.

    Who is a Volunteer? If the University does not employ a student or community member, that person is required to fill out the Volunteer/Person of Interest with a University supervisor/MPP and submit that form to University Personnel (UP) prior to conducting ANY volunteer duties. Corporation or Auxiliary employees are required to submit a Volunteer form in order to drive on state business.

    Definition of University-owned Vehicle: A University vehicle is defined as a motorized device for land transportation owned, leased, or rented by the University, State or any State agency, including and not limited to automobiles, trucks, carts, tractors, etc.

    Ages of Potential Drivers: CSUMB may permit a person 18 years of age or older to drive a university-owned vehicle, but to rent and/or operate a rental vehicle the person must be 21 years of age or older.

    Auxiliary Employees Driving on State Business: Corporation, Otter Student Union, and all other Auxiliary employees are required to submit a Volunteer/Person of Interest if they intend to drive a university vehicle on state business.

    Use of University (CSU) Vehicle: Only University employees may drive University vehicles. The campus may not loan or lease a University vehicle to any non-state entity, including CSU auxiliary organizations.

    Motorcycles and Bicycles: Motorcycles and bicycles shall not be used in carrying out University or State business, except for police motorcycles as approved by a campus president. Bicycles that are used solely on campus property are exempted, contingent upon completion of the defensive driving course and as approved by a campus president; use of a helmet is mandatory.

    Volunteer Form: Please submit The Volunteer/Person of Interest to University Personnel (UP). UP will notify DUB once the Volunteer/Person of Interest has been accepted and processed in their office. A Volunteer cannot be added into the **SumTotal database until UP processes their paperwork. Note: There are no exceptions.

    CSU Guidelines and Enterprise Rental Contract:

    · The CSU’s authorized and approved rental car vendor is Enterprise Rental Car Company. Enterprise is affiliated with National Rental Car (National). When reserving a vehicle Enterprise can fulfill their rental agreement by providing cars through National.

    · CSUMB’s contract between Enterprise Rent A Car (ERAC) states that a driver must be 21 years of age to drive or rent a vehicle. However, please note; this age requirement does not pertain to a personal vehicle or a CSUMB owned vehicle.

    · Per the CSU's Use of University and Private Vehicles Guidelines, page 9, CSUMB qualified drivers are authorized to drive 10 passenger vans, and are NOT AUTHORIZED to rent 15 passenger vans. As an exception, one can, drive a 12-15 passenger van if the individual has a *special Driver’s License endorsement to drive a vehicle with more than 10 passengers. *Note: The special endorsement authorization must be on file with the DUB Office.

    Instructions on how to Self-Selecting a Driving Course