Safety, Risk and Sustainability

Defensive Driving

In accordance with the CSUMB Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP), the CSU policy for the Use of Vehicles on University Business, CSU policy 9171 Fleet Vehicles, and CSUMB Driving on University Business, the purpose of the Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) Safety Program is to prevent vehicle related accidents, injuries and property damage. This program establishes procedures for acquisition, insurance, storage, maintenance, and driver training necessary to ensure the safe use of LSVs on campus.

To be eligible to drive an LSV you must first:

  1. Ensure you have an LSV in which you will be able to drive;
  2. Contact the department with a certified LSV trainer to see if they are willing to accept the responsibility of:
    • Your training;
    • Your certification;
    • Any liability which may be incurred should you be involved in an accident in the LSV.

LSV Driving Requirements:

Your LSV Trainer will submit all the LSV required forms to