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A Warm Welcome to all NEW CSUMB PSY Students!

California State University, Monterey Bay PSY academic advisors Chrissy Lofgren and Jessica Herrera welcome all NEW CSUMB PSY students! Take a look at their recent welcome video that highlights all the important information NEW PSY students need to know as they begin their journey in our PSY major!

Eighteen PSY Students Share Research at CSUMB Spring Showcase in Poster and Oral Presentation Sessions!

PSY students presenting research
PSY students presenting research
PSY students presenting research
PSY students presenting research
PSY students presenting research
PSY students presenting research
Author(s) Project Title
Madeline Oviedo & Dulce Ramirez

College Student Activism for Healthcare

Selina Espinoza

College Student Perceptions of Cannabis: A Proposed Study

Jorge Cabrera & Lillian Salinas

Physical and Holistic Definitions of Health for Adults and Children

Maria Reyes, Jessica Totaan, & Isaiah Hetebrink

Development of Post-Traumatic Growth and Messages of Wisdom to Deter Gang Involvement

Katrina Conen

Investigating Trauma, Mental Health, and Posttraumatic Growth Among Ex-Gang Members

Selena Velasquez

Practically a Genius: Is Practical Intelligence a Good Predictor of Student Success in College? (oral presentation, not pictured here)

PSY students presenting research
PSY students presenting research
PSY students presenting research
PSY students presenting research
PSY students presenting research
PSY students presenting research
Author(s) Project Title

Matthew Dunham

Influence of Working Memory Capacity on Eyewitness Memory Recall

Tatiana Magana & Amanda Hansen

How Depression and Anxiety Affects Students’ Perceptions of Health

Emily Cordova, Chloe Patch, & Amanda Hansen

An Exploration of Self-Reported Suicidality and Suicide-Related Behaviors across Gender and Ethnic Groups in a Forensic Inpatient Sample

Cameron Jacob Battersby

Student Perceptions of the Usefulness of the Psychology Major for Success After College

Jeska Terrett

Where You Look (and How): Gaze and Face-ism on Magazine Covers Geared Toward Queer Communities

Trevor Stevens

Posttraumatic Distress and Posttraumatic Growth: Narratives and Correlates of Trauma and Community Violence Exposure in a Sample of Former Gang Members

View the Full Spring Showcase Program
Dr. Shannon Snapp
Monterey County Weekly Logo

Dr. Shannon Snapp was recently profiled in the Monterey County Weekly! In the article she discusses her CSUMB course "How to Love", among other topics. Congratulations Dr. Snapp!

Read the Article!

"Adolescent Resilience" Book Talk a Success!

Read the CSUMB Lutrinae Article!

Angela and Janaye speak to the audience.

Dr. Lovell showcases her new book.

Angela tells her story.

The Psychology Department sponsored an event on Adolescent Resilience on February 19th, 2019. Dr. Jennifer Lovell, Assistant Professor of clinical psychology, spoke about her recently published book, The “Troubled” Adolescent: Challenges and Resilience Within Family and Multicultural Contexts. Two local youth leaders were guest speakers at the event: Angela Soto Cerros and Jenaye Brelland. Both spoke about navigating challenges of adolescence and the developmental assets that have helped to support their empowerment and wellness. Dr. Lovell highlighted key themes and emphasized the importance of using a strength-based model and culturally-informed approach when working with young people. (Photos by Gabrielle Dehn, Class of 2021)

Take a TED Break...

TED logo

Need a quick break? Check out this TED talk. Sit back, relax, and hear from TED fellows and their work. Enjoy!

(remember, if you are enjoying this talk in a public area, please use headphones as a courtesy to others)

Scholarship Application
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Interested in Applying for a Scholarship?

Start here!

The scholarships listed here are offered by various colleges, departments, and community members. Click on the link below to learn more about these opportunities.

List of Scholarships

Students helping students...

Psych Society Study Groups

A place where students can get help or help others with homework, tests, APA formatting, projects, and more. Come study and de-stress with us!

Days: Mondays

Times: 11a - 1p

The Library Cafe (Verve)

Students holding a group study session.
PSY Chair's Blog
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Be sure to visit our PSY Chair's Blog...

The PSY Chair's Blog posts news about the psychology major; information that psychology students might find interesting; as well as updates on alumni, current students, faculty, and staff. Check regularly for interesting updates!

PSY Chair's Blog

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