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Policy facilitation team

The Policy Facilitation Team was established in 1998 to shepherd policies through the development, review, and approval process. The team includes one representative from each division and consultants from the faculty and student body. The PFT is charged with the coordination of campus-wide policy development, helping to ensure that polices are vetted through all appropriate governing bodies of the University, according to the principles of shared governance.

Members of the Policy Facilitation Team include:

Name Affiliation
Fran Horvath, PFT Chair Academic Affairs
Maria Garcia The Corporation
Natalie King Human Resources
Lenore Reed Administration & Finance
Christine Erickson Student Affairs
Patti Hiramoto Inclusive Excellence
Arlene Haffa Faculty
Carissa Gonzalez Student Body
Christina Rocchi Academic Affairs

Frequently asked questions

What role do policies fulfill at CSUMB?

Policies are the means for conducting the business of the University and its campus community in a consistent and orderly manner.

What is policy and how does it differ from procedure?

Policy is a set of specific statements of principles or guiding actions that imply clear commitment by the University; statement of values or intent that provides a basis for consistent decision-making and resource allocation selected to guide and determine present and future decisions.
Procedure refers to a series of steps followed in regular order; a particular way of doing something; steps taken to implement policy and operations.

What is the role of the policy facilitator? How does that role differ from the role of the policy developer?

The facilitator is the individual appointed in each Division by the Division Head to represent the Division's policy on the Policy Facilitation Team (a group of individuals from across campus who are responsible for the structural, orderly, timely, and comprehensive development of CSUMB policies) to coordinate, direct, and facilitate the policy development process.
Developers are those individuals working as a team under the leadership of the facilitator, in development of a particular policy.

How do I initiate the process for proposing a policy?

An individual wishing to propose a policy introduces the idea to their facilitator.

How do I find a list of policies currently under development and their current status?

You can download the tracking document below to review the status of policy development and/or review. You can also call the Analyst at (831) 582-5254 with specific questions.

Policy Tracker

Who has final approval on proposed policies?

The President approves policies.

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The following is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all CSUMB policies. Other campus policies may also be accessed through Academic Personnel and University Human Resources.
In addition, CSU System policies may also be in effect.

Contact the Office of the Provost at (831) 582-5254 with questions.