Academic Calendar Policy

The Academic Calendar is a listing of the official academic dates and events. The information shall be limited to student educational planning as well as faculty planning dates. 

1.00 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to assist the campus with the alignment of calendar events with the CSU system calendar requirements. It identifies responsibility for the maintenance and update of the campus Academic Calendar, including annual review, revision, adoption, reporting, and publishing of Academic Calendar dates.

This policy is deemed to be consistent with the University's commitment to the principles, goals, and ideals described in the CSUMB Founding Vision Statement and to its core values.

2.00 Oversight, Review, and Adoption of Academic Calendar

Certain dates in the Academic Calendar are established by the Chancellor's Office.  The Academic and Centralized Scheduling Office shall establish procedures consistent with this policy and be responsible for the function of development and oversight of the Academic Calendar, in compliance with the faculty collective bargaining agreement, and CSU system guidelines. The Academic and Centralized Scheduling Office shall submit draft Academic Calendars for the upcoming four years to the appropriate campus representatives for input. Proposed revisions from campus units shall be reviewed and, when appropriate, incorporated into the Academic Calendars by the Academic and Centralized Scheduling Office by the end of the sixth week of the fall term.

The Academic and Centralized Scheduling Office, via the Provost's Office shall submit a proposed Academic Calendars to the Academic Senate Executive Committee who will review and make recommendations by the end of the tenth week of the fall term. The Academic Calendars shall then be submitted to the Provost and the Academic Affairs Council. The Provost shall make a recommendation for approval of the Academic Calendar to the President's Cabinet. The Academic Calendar for the upcoming academic year shall be considered formally approved when the President's Cabinet adopts it prior to the end of the fall term.

3.00 Publication and Dissemination

The officially adopted Academic Calendar shall be published in the campus catalog and course schedule websites after approval by the Chancellor's Office.  The Academic and Scheduling Office shall make available the draft academic calendars for the subsequent three years; through available to the campus community, these subsequent calendars are draft and subject to change until the campus formally approves them in accordance with section 2.00 of this policy.

4.00 Revisions

Should the Chancellor's Office modify any previously established dates, the Academic Calendar shall be modified to reflect the Chancellor's dates without further review or approval. With this exception, the President's Cabinet shall approve any campus-based revisions in the Academic Calendar. The Academic and Centralized Scheduling office shall disseminate the revised Calendar to units affected by the revisions.

5.00 Continuous Renewal

This policy shall be reviewed ten years from its effective date to determine its utility and appropriateness. This policy may be reviewed before that time as necessary.

s/ President Vanya Quiñones 

Effective Date: 11/14/2023

Certification of Process

Reviewed by: Academic and Centralized Scheduling, Registrar, Academic Affairs Council, Academic Senate Executive Committee, Policy Facilitation Team, Student Affairs Leadership Team