Minors & Degree Program Concentrations

1.00 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set out the criteria and protocol for the establishment and approval of minors and degree program concentrations.

This policy is intended to reflect the University's commitment to the principles, goals, and ideals described in the CSUMB Vision Statement and its core values.

2.00 Minor Degree Program

Minors may be offered within any academic unit (or combination of academic units) on campus.

Content of Minor: A minor program shall provide a student with the means to acquire a significant breadth and appropriate depth in an area outside of the student's main topic of study.

Specific Requirements for a Minor: The minor will consist of, at a minimum, twelve assessable semester units. A minimum of six of these must be upper division*. Twelve of the units taken to complete a minor may not be used in fulfillment of other minors, concentrations, or major requirements.

3.00 Degree Program Concentration

Concentrations may be offered in each of the major degree programs.

Content of Concentration: The concentration provides an avenue for the student to gain depth within a specific area of study within their major.

Specific Requirements for a Concentration: The concentration shall consist of, at a minimum, twelve assessable semester units, all of which shall be upper division. Twelve of the units taken to complete a concentration may not be used in fulfillment of other minors or concentrations.

4.00 Review & Approval of Proposals & Requirements

The academic unit requesting approval of the minor or concentration shall prepare a proposal consistent with the guidelines for development and review of minors and degree program concentrations.

The minor or concentration shall not be offered or advertised until the Academic Senate, Provost, and President** approve the program.

5.00 Continuous Renewal

This policy shall be reviewed in ten years from its effective date to determine its effectiveness and appropriateness. This policy may be reviewed before that time as necessary.

s/ Eduardo M. Ochoa, President

Effective Date: 5/14/2014

Certification of Process

Reviewed by: Academic Affairs Council, Academic Senate Executive Committee, Academic Senate, Educational Policy and Programs Committee, Senate Curriculum Committee Council, Associated Students, Enrollment Services and Student Affairs Leadership Team, Policy Facilitation Team, Provost, and President.

* Title 5, Division 5, Chapter 1, Subchapter 2, Article 6, § 40500.

**In accordance with Executive Order 1071 of the Chancellor's Office.