Policy on the Development, Coordination, and Approval of Policy

1.00 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define the policy development, approval, and dissemination process.

This policy is intended to reflect the University's commitment to the principles, goals, and ideals described in the CSUMB Vision Statement and to its core values.

2.00 Definition

Policy is defined as a high level governing framework establishing the general goals and acceptable procedures of the institution; a statement that guides behavior and sets general parameters related to how business is conducted. Policy is not intended to communicate operating procedures unless legally required.

3.00 Authority

Authority for policy approval is vested in the President. The President may delegate authority-governing approval of policy related to a specified area of responsibility to a Vice President. Delegation of such authority is made in writing and communicated to all members of the President's Cabinet. Only those policies signed by the President and/or a delegated representative carry the force and effect of official CSUMB policy.

4.00 Policy Development

The development of new policies shall be facilitated through the Provost's office. Policy coordinators shall be selected in the President's and each Vice Presidents' offices to review policy proposals in order to ensure overall clarity and consistency of CSUMB policy, appropriate alignment across divisions, and standardization of format. This group of coordinators shall be known as the Policy Facilitation Team and shall determine appropriate entities for comments and recommended changes for each policy. New policies shall be brought forth through the division representative to the Policy Facilitation Team for consideration and completion.

Academic Personnel and University Human Resources shall consult with the Office of the Chancellor and take appropriate action regarding union notification on policies that impact conditions of employment.

The Provost or designee shall coordinate review of policy as appropriate with the Academic Senate and Assembly. The Provost shall report regularly to the President and Vice Presidents those policies that have been identified for development and those policies that have received Vice-Presidential or Presidential approval.

4.10 Policy Format

A common policy format shall be used to record and memorialize CSUMB policy. This format shall follow the standard numbering system described below:

1.00 Heading

1.10 Subheading

1.1.1 Sub-Subheading

1.1.2 Sub-Subheading

2.00 Heading

2.10 Subheading

2.1.1 Sub-Subheading

2.1.2 Sub-Subheading

5.00 Policy Evaluation

All policies shall have a section titled Continuous Renewal that states the amount of time until the next evaluation of the policy. New policies shall have an initial duration of five years.

5.10 Policy Review

In the year prior to the designated evaluation date, the Policy Facilitation Team shall consult the appropriate unit(s) to review the effectiveness and appropriateness of the policy. Based upon this review and subsequent recommendations, the Policy Facilitation Team shall either renew the policy or initiate a full assessment of the policy.

5.20 Policy Assessment

The assessment process shall include the vetting of the policy through the appropriate academic and administrative units according to the principles of shared governance. Once assessed and approved for renewal, an existing policy shall have ten years before its next evaluation.

5.30 Policy Duration

The effective date of a policy is the date that the President or Designee signs the policy and is noted on the bottom of the policy. A policy shall remain effective until the campus approves a renewed or revised policy, or until the President determines the policy to be ineffective.

6.00 Certification of Process

The final section of all CSUMB policies shall be titled Certification of Process and shall outline the vetting order for the policy. Policies should be vetted first through all appropriate administrative units followed by the academic units. All units shall respond with comments or recommended changes within ninety (90) days of receiving a policy for vetting. If there is no response, the policy shall be deemed to be accepted by that entity.

7.00 Access to Policy

Official CSUMB policy shall be made available to the campus community electronically on CSUMB's Policy website. The Policy Facilitation Team shall coordinate an electronic mail announcement to the campus community once a policy is approved or renewed. Original signed policies shall be archived in the Office of the Provost.

8.00 Continuous Renewal

This policy shall be evaluated ten years from its effective date to determine its effectiveness and appropriateness or earlier at the initiation of the Policy Facilitation Team. This policy may be evaluated before that time as necessary to reflect substantial organizational, financial, physical or academic change(s) at CSUMB or any change required by law or by CSUMB or other governing policy.

s/Dianne F. Harrison


Effective Date: February 17, 2009

Certification of Process

Reviewed by: Policy Facilitation Team, Student Affairs, Administration and Finance, University Advancement, Academic Affairs Council, Associated Students, Academic Senate Executive Committee, Academic Personnel, Human Resources, Legal Counsel, Provost, President's Cabinet

Development, Coordination, and Approval of Policy