Policy on External Funding Solicitation

1.00 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish the responsibility for the coordination of solicitation of external funds and to maximize CSUMB's capacity to generate external funds and support.

This policy is intended to reflect the University's commitment to the principles, goals, and ideals described in the CSUMB Vision Statement and to its core values.

2.00 Fundraising

The Chief Advancement Officer and the Provost, or their designees, shall share responsibility for coordinating the solicitation of external funds.

2.10 Private funds

The Chief Development Officer, or designee, shall be responsible for initiating and implementing campus-wide coordination of all fundraising from private sources. This coordination includes those efforts by faculty, staff, students or volunteers to solicit gifts from private sources for CSUMB purposes. These purposes shall include academic, athletic, or student support programs and any gifts in the form of real and personal property for unrestricted or restricted use.

The Office of Development shall solicit gifts in the following forms: funds from individuals and family businesses, corporations, and appropriate foundations (covering family foundations, traditional private foundations, etc.). Funds may be solicited for capital projects, endowments, annual funds and other needs as identified. The types of gifts include, but are not necessarily restricted to, cash, pledges, securities, real estate, and appropriate gifts-in-kind, and appropriate forms of planned gifts. Faculty, staff, or students who wish to solicit funds from private sources for CSUMB purposes must have prior approval from the Chief Development Officer through their appropriate units.

The Office of Sponsored Programs will be responsible for budget review of private grants. The Office of Development will be responsible for review and coordination of all other aspects of the approval process for private gifts and grants.

2.20 Public funds

The Provost, or designee, shall coordinate the approval process for the solicitation of public funds and contracts through the Office of Sponsored Programs.

3.00 Plan & reporting

A university-wide goal for external support shall be set annually and the campus community shall work collaboratively toward the achievement of the annual goal. The Provost and the Chief Advancement Officer, or their designees, shall submit quarterly reports to the Foundation of California State University, Monterey Bay (hereafter "Foundation") Board of Directors on public and private external awards.

4.00 Legal recipient of funding

The Foundation is the legal recipient of external funds on behalf of CSUMB unless stipulated otherwise in the funding agreement. The scope of this policy includes fund solicitations from federal, state or private agencies. The scope of this policy does not address intellectual property related contracts.

5.00 Compliance

Non-compliance with this policy may result in the Foundation's refusal to support fundraising proposals and/or authorize receipt of funds or property.

6.00 Continuous renewal

This policy shall be assessed ten years from its effective date to determine its effectiveness and appropriateness. This policy may be assessed before that time as necessary.

s/Dianne F. Harrison


Effective Date: May 17, 2007

Certification of Process

Reviewed by: Policy Facilitation Team, University Advancement, Foundation, Administration and Finance, Student Affairs, Associated Students, Academic Senate Executive Committee, the Committee for Post Graduate Studies and Research, Provost, President