Policy Development

Policy Facilitation Team

The Policy Facilitation Team was established in 1998 to shepherd policies through the development, review, and approval process. The team includes one representative from each division and consultants from the faculty and student body. The PFT is charged with the coordination of campus-wide policy development, helping to ensure that polices are vetted through all appropriate governing bodies of the University, according to the principles of shared governance.

Members of the Policy Facilitation Team include:

Name Affiliation
Fran Horvath, PFT Chair Academic Affairs
Nancy Ayala
The Corporation
Cheree Carvalho
Human Resources
Art Evjen
Administration & Finance
Leslie Williams
Student Affairs
Michael Scott
Rebecca Harbison
Student Body
Christina Rocchi Academic Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions

What role do policies fulfill at CSUMB?

Policies are the means for conducting the business of the University and its campus community in a consistent and orderly manner.

What is policy and how does it differ from procedure?

Policy is a set of specific statements of principles or guiding actions that imply clear commitment by the University; statement of values or intent that provides a basis for consistent decision-making and resource allocation selected to guide and determine present and future decisions.

Procedure refers to a series of steps followed in regular order; a particular way of doing something; steps taken to implement policy and operations.

What is the role of the policy facilitator? How does that role differ from the role of the policy developer?

The facilitator is the individual appointed in each Division by the Division Head to represent the Division's policy on the Policy Facilitation Team (a group of individuals from across campus who are responsible for the structural, orderly, timely, and comprehensive development of CSUMB policies) to coordinate, direct, and facilitate the policy development process.

Developers are those individuals working as a team under the leadership of the facilitator, in development of a particular policy.

How do I initiate the process for proposing a policy?

An individual wishing to propose a policy introduces the idea to their facilitator.

Who has final approval on proposed policies?

The President approves policies.

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The following is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all CSUMB policies. Policies here may be linked on other CSUMB websites to provide easy access as well as supplementary information. State and federal regulations may also be accessed through the University Personnel and/or the Chancellor's Office websites.

Contact the Office of the Provost at (831) 582-5254 with questions.

Academic Policies

Policy Name Approval Date Forms, Procedures, and/or Links Renewal Date
Academic Calendar 4/16/2010 none 4/16/2020
Academic Credit & Prior Learning Assessment 1/18/2019 Student Request for Assessment Form 2. Faculty Form for Assignment of Assessment Credit 3. Credit by Examination Form 1/18/2029
Academic Program Review 5/17/2007 Program Review Manual 5/17/2017
Academic Progress Milestones for Undergraduate Programs 5/1/2013 none 5/1/2018
Academic Standing 7/28/2017 7/28/2027
Credit Hour Policy
7/19/2018 none 7/19/2028
Credit & Non-credit Certificates 3/19/2010 none 3/19/2020
Declaration of Major and Minor 9/1/2016 none 9/1/2026
Enrollment & Registration 8/10/2017 8/10/2027
Financial Aid & SAP
9/6/2018 9/6/2028
Grade Appeal 8/10/2015 Grade Appeal Form 9/1/2025
Internship Policy 5/1/2013 Procedures 5/1/2018
Matriculation for Graduate Students 11/5/2012 Classes & Planning
Matriculation for Undergraduate Students 7/11/2012 Classes & Planning
Minors & Degree Program Concentrations 5/14/2014 none 5/14/2014
Posthumous Degree 9/21/2018 none 9/21/2028
Program Discontinuation 3/2/2015 Procedures 3/20/2020

Administrative Policies

Policy Name Approval Date Forms, Procedures, and/or Links Renewal Date
Development, Coordination, and Approval of Policy 2/17/2009 Review Form 2/17/2019
External Funding Solicitation 5/17/2007 none 5/17/2017

Codes Policies

Policy Name Approval Date Forms, Procedures, and/or Links Renewal Date
Alcohol 10/19/2009 Alcohol Approval Form 10/19/2014
Campus Violence 6/24/2010 FAQs 6/24/2015
Conflict of Interest in External Funding 3/8/2005 none 3/8/2010
Family Education Rights & Privacy Act 11/21/2017 none 11/21/2027
Field Trip 3/27/2013 Procedures2. Release of Liability Form 3/27/2018
Humane Care & Use of Animals in Research & Instruction 12/11/2017 none 12/11/2027
Human Subjects in Research 2/22/2019 none 2/22/2029
Implementation of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (EO 1107)
Procedures for the Implementation of the Clery ActProcedures for Emergency Notification, Response, and Evacuation.
Missing Residential Student Notification 8/9/2016 none 8/9/2026
Research Misconduct 8/7/2008 Procedural Flowchart 8/7/2018
CSU System-wide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination  (EO 1097)

Facilities Policies

Policy Name Approval Date Forms, Procedures, and/or Links Renewal Date
Acceptable Use of Computing & Information Technology Resources 4/13/2012 Addendum 4/13/2022
Animals on Campus 3/6/2009 none 3/6/2019
Building Evacuation Policy 11/21/2017 Procedures for Emergency Notification, Response, and Evacuation
Collection & Installation of Art 9/1/2016 none 9/1/2026
Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment 8/31/2017
Smoke & Tobacco Free CSUMB

Student Public Art 9/1/2016 none 9/1/2026
Time, Place, and Manner

Faculty Policies

Policy Name Approval Date Forms, Procedures, and/or Links Renewal Date
Adjunct Research Faculty 5/11/2015 none 5/11/2025
Department Chair Evaluation 10/24/2013 Feedback Form 10/24/2020
Difference in Pay Leave 3/14/2013 Procedures2. Application 3/14/2019
Faculty Emeritus/a 5/12/2008 Procedures
Grant-Related Instructional Faculty 8/2007 Procedures2. Application 8/2017
Post Tenure Evaluation 3/2/2015 Evaluation Form 3/2/2020
Range Elevation for Temporary Faculty 5/4/2018 Application2. Appendix A 5/4/2028
Retention, Tenure, and Promotion 8/12/2011 RTP Sequence of Events 9/23/2017
Sabbatical Leave 8/20/2007 Procedure2. Application 8/20/2017

Organization Policies

Policy Name Approval Date Forms, Procedures, and/or Links Renewal Date
Centers and Institutes 3/19/2014 Procedures 3/19/2024
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Student Policies

Policy Name Approval Date Forms, Procedures, and/or Links Renewal Date
Academic Integrity 9/13/2012 none 9/13/2017
Participation in Commencement 9/13/2012 none 9/13/2022
Student Email Notification 3/19/2014 none 3/19/2024
Student Grievance 7/17/2012 Grievance Form 7/17/2022