Institutional Assessment and Research

CSUMB Data Warehouse

The CSUMB Data Warehouse data load occurs every morning, and usually wraps up around 9:00 AM. During the data load, dashboard interactions and navigation could be slower than normal.

The CSUMB Data Warehouse is the designated official repository of institutional data about our students and includes interactive reports and dashboards that provide the campus community with insightful analysis and data visualization capabilities. The CSUMB Data Warehouse integrates core student systems into a single analytical database to support and inform decision-making processes and enables campus users to explore subject areas at every stage of the student life-cycle. The CSUMB Data Warehouse tells you more about the students in your college or department and assists in identifying opportunities for improving student success campus-wide.

Subject areas in the CSUMB Data Warehouse include reporting and analysis on topics including:

  • Academic Planning Database (APDB)
  • Admissions Funnel
  • Courses
  • Credentials
  • Degrees
  • Enrollment
  • Financial Aid
  • Grades
  • Retention and Graduation

Accessing the CSUMB Data Warehouse

Access to the CSUMB Data Warehouse requires being on the CSUMB network and having an account.

  • Information Technology manages access to the CSUMB Data Warehouse and requires completing the Alternate Access Request form
  • For Windows users: If you are not on main campus, you must connect to the campus network via the GlobalProtect VPN to access the CSUMB Data Warehouse.
  • For Mac users: You must connect to the GlobalProtect VPN to access the CSUMB Data Warehouse both on and off campus

Consult the Self-Guided User Support for help on how to navigate and use the CSUMB Data Warehouse.

Need help with access?

If you have already filled out the Alternate Access Request form, then Information Technology can help with Data Warehouse access problems. Submit a CSUMB Data Warehouse Problem ticket for help. 

The CSU Student Success Dashboard is a data reporting tool that has been developed to help faculty, staff, and administrators to use data to better understand barriers to graduation, diagnose factors that impede student success, and target responses based on these discoveries. Campus leaders can use the dashboard to track indicators of success and to better understand milestones students are failing to reach and why. The goal of the CSU Student Success Dashboard is to stimulate a conversation with data that will ultimately empower faculty, staff, and administrators to design teaching, program and/or policy changes that will increase student success.

Features from the CSU Student Success Dashboard include:

  • Analysis of student success by discipline (analysis by major to be added soon)
  • Predictive modeling designed to assist in determining which academic behaviors lead to successful and timely degree completion
  • Campus comparisons across the CSU system, which can assist in establishing benchmarks and sharing exemplary practices
  • Progress for Graduation Initiative 2025

Accessing the CSU Student Success Dashboard

  • Visit the CSU Dashboard
  • Log in using your campus credentials
  • Firefox and Chrome are preferred browsers
  • Currently, the dashboard is not accessible on iPad
  • Comments or questions about the CSU Student Success Dashboard can be submitted through the "Feedback" link in the lower left corner of the dashboard

Need help?

  • Should you have trouble logging in with your campus credentials, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance
  • If you experience other difficulties accessing the dashboard, please send an email for assistance