Institutional Assessment and Research

CSUMB Data Warehouse Reporting Schedule

CSUMB Data Warehouse Dashboards Census Snapshot Data Availability in Data Warehouse
Admissions Funnel Spring Late March
Admissions Funnel Summer Late October
Admissions Funnel Fall Late October
Enrollment (self-support) Winter Late March
Enrollment (self-support) Spring Mid-June
Enrollment (self-support) Summer Late October
Enrollment (self-support) Fall Mid-January
Enrollment (state-support) Spring Late March
Enrollment (state-support) Summer Late October
Enrollment (state-support) Fall Late October
Academic Planning Database (APDB) Spring Mid-April
Academic Planning Database (APDB) Summer Mid-November
Academic Planning Database (APDB) Fall Mid-November
Grades Fall Beginning of February
Grades Spring Late June
Grades Summer Beginning of September
Retention and Graduation All Late November
Degrees Fall Late August
Degrees Spring Late August
Degrees Summer Late November
Credentials All Late November