Institutional Assessment and Research

CSUMB Data Glossary

CSUMB Data Glossary

The CSUMB Data Glossary aims to provide meaning and context for our campus data.

This CSUMB Data Glossary includes:

  • Definitions of terms
  • Example values and / or example scenarios in which the terms are used
  • Source documentation
  • The reports / dashboards terms can be found on
  • Metadata on the terms, including: data custodian on campus, source system information (table and field names), logical transformations / calculations performed, and OBIEE column and field names.

Thank you to our partners

The CSUMB Data Glossary would not be possible without close collaboration and expert knowledge of multiple departments and individuals from across the campus. These subject matter experts—"data custodians"—are most familiar with individual data elements and periodically review and update content in this glossary, in collaboration with IAR, to ensure it accurately reflects current business processes.

IAR would like to thank the following departments and individuals who have already helped in this review and validation process:

  • Academic Affairs (Christina Rocchi)
  • Academic and Centralized Scheduling (Mike Sipal and Tom Castagna)
  • Admissions (Jason Garrett and Christina Del Porto)
  • Alumni Relations (Amelia Howerton, Annie Warr, and Lisa Ziska-Marchand)
  • Athletics (Gregory Harrod)
  • Credentials (Christy Hanselka and Christopher Villanueva)
  • College of Education (Brian Rice)
  • College of Extended Education (John Binkley)
  • College of Science (Bobby QuiƱonez, Thomas Horvath)
  • Data Warehouse (Gene Woolever, Mary Mauro, and Simon Harrison-Barker)
  • Enrollment Management (Janine De Leon)
  • Financial Aid Office (Angeles Fuentes)
  • Office of the Registrar (Sandra Naffziger)
  • Web Services (Tom Burns)