Institutional Assessment and Research

Data User Advisory Group

IAR's Data User Advisory Group is a critical pillar of our data user support process. This group meets once a month throughout the fall and spring terms and periodically during summer and winter terms to perform user testing and provide feedback on dashboards and other reports before they are released to the campus and the public. The testing and feedback this group provides ensures that IAR produces dashboards and reports that are useful, understandable, and easy to use for all data consumers on campus. Group members also serve as an important source of information back to campus departments on newly available and updated data tools.

Agendas and Workshop Materials


February 2023 - Course Modality Groupings and Changed Majors Tracking on Retention & Graduation Dashboard

January 2023 - DW Modernization - Updates and Next Priority Subject Areas (Class Enrollment, Degrees, Class Meeting Pattern)


December 2022 - Data Warehouse Modernization - Term Enrollments Dashboards

November 2022 - Grades and Courses Dashboard Enhancements: Course Attributes, GE Areas, UR Areas

October 2022 - Data Warehouse Modernization Requirements Survey Results and CSUMB Experience Study 2022 Reports

August 2022 - Major Migrations (Retention and Graduation)

July 2022 - CSUMB Experience Study 2022 - Remote Learning Questions

June 2022 - Defining Requirements and Functionality for Reporting Tool (Data Warehouse Modernization)

May 2022 - Data Tools for DFW and Equity Gaps

April 2022 - Courses Dashboard

March 2022 - Admissions Funnel and Preliminary Admissions

February 2022 - Guided Navigation for Analysts and Degrees Dashboard Last School Attended

January 2022 - CSUMB Experience Study