College of Health Sciences and Human Services

Department of Health, Human Services and Public Policy

CHHS Intern Field Placement Orientation Checklist

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Agency Overview

  • Review agency mission/purpose statement/philosophy/goals.
  • Review organizational structure.
  • Review the funding auspices and staffing patterns of the agency.
  • Review the role of the agency in relation to the community and its resources.
  • Review the identified program(s) or service area(s) where the intern is assigned.
  • Review the community served.
  • Introduce student to staff at the agency and collaborative partners.

Agency Policies and Protocols

  • Review the agency policies and procedures manual.
  • Review the telephone and communication policies/computer utilization, including cell phones and email.
  • Review the office procedures, supplies, and provisions.
  • Review the work schedule, including the procedures for reporting late arrivals, absences, lunchtime, and breaks.
  • Review appropriate attire when providing service.
  • Review the agency, department, and/or program meeting schedule/office hours.
  • Review the agency policy regarding safety and security procedures and protocol, including disaster preparedness (i.e. personal safety; agency safety; community safety,; home visits; hostile clients, etc.).
  • Explain any policies pertaining to the handling of crises or other emergencies.
  • Review the agency parking details and mileage policy.
  • Review the agency policy regarding harassment and discrimination.
  • Review the agency policy regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Review the agency policy regarding the HIPAA regulations and legislation.
  • Review all laws, ethical codes, and values regulating health & human services practice.
  • Explain specific confidentiality requirements (i.e. consent to release information forms, guidelines for presenting client information in the classroom, photos, videos, etc.). Be sure the student understands the mandatory reporting requirements.
  • Acquaint student with agency's clerical and record keeping systems. Show where records are kept and explain the filing system. Explain necessary procedures like: how to get a letter typed; copying and transcribing information; faxing, mail and messaging systems.

Agency Field Mentor/CHHS Intern Responsibilities

  • Review role, responsibilities, expectations and scope of practice for a CHHS intern in the agency operation.
  • Discuss any required health and background checks.
  • Review role and responsibilities of field mentor and task supervisors (if applicable).
  • Review supervision orientation, preparation and expectations for supervision, and the supervision schedule.
  • Review emergency consultation with field instructor protocol.
  • Review the agency orientation schedule, training, and staff development opportunities (if applicable).
  • Review a plan for monitoring of student hours tracking sheet (by both field instructor and student).
  • Review how student will represent professional self and identify him/herself as a CHHS intern with clients, staff, and professionals.
  • Review professional boundaries in the students' relationships with clients, collateral clients, agency staff, etc.
  • Review the CSUMB CHHS Program Field packet and discuss a plan to complete the CHHS Field Learning Plan.