College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Humanities and Communication


Once students complete HCOM 300: Major Proseminar, they are assigned an academic advisor who will guide them through the major. Students are also recommended to consult the HCOM Academic Advisor, Gladys Cabadas, in the Center for Advising, Career & Student Success, for academic advising. Gladys Cabadas can be reached via her email, or at her office line, (831) 582-3940.

Preparation for the major

To prepare for entry into the HCOM major, students are required to complete all General Education requirements, especially areas A1, 2 and 3 (Oral & Written Communication and Ethics), C1 (Arts), C2 (Humanities), C3 (World Languages and Cultures), D1 (Social Science), and D 2 (U.S. Histories and Democratic Participation).

Transfer students entering the major should have completed equivalent General Education (lower division) courses in these areas at their former institutions.

Recommended courses for junior transfer students

If you are transferring to CSUMB from a community college or another four-year institution, be sure to follow the CSU transfer admissions criteria. Check with your college counselor or a CSUMB representative to get the specifics and a CSU admissions application. CSUMB has worked with many other colleges and universities to articulate how their courses align with those offered at CSUMB including those suggested as preparation for our HCOM major.

We recommend that you prepare for transfer to the HCOM major by taking courses in advanced composition, critical thinking, philosophy, British or American literature, U.S. history, U.S. Constitution, ethnic studies, and women's studies or as many of your general education requirements as possible. We strongly recommend a background in rhetoric and composition.

Below are the courses that are recommended that Junior transfer students enroll their first semester at CSUMB.

  • HCOM 300 (Core Major Requirement) - 2 units
  • HCOM 301 (MLO 4) OR concentration course - 4 units
  • HCOM 312 (Core Major Requirement & MLO 1 & GWAR) - 4 units
  • Language course to fulfill Language Proficiency Requirement - 4 units