Employee Resources

Advisor Requests for Substitutions

Step 1

Main Menu > Self Service > Advisor Center > Advisee Student Center.

Step 2

To look up a student, click Return to Search.


Step 3

Enter the student ID # or First and Last Name and click Search.


Step 4

Select Advisor Request from the drop down menu and click the arrow button.


Step 5

Click Create New Request. If you need to update a previously submitted request, click the Edit button next to the request.


Step 6

From the Request Type drop down menu, select the "Substitution for" and choose the student's major.


Step 7

Before inputting information into the request, review the student’s Academic Requirements Report. In a separate window, navigate from Main Menu>Self Service>Advisor Center>Advisee Student Center. Select Academic Requirements from the drop down menu and click the arrow button.


Step 8

Locate the requirement that you are creating the substitution for. Each requirement is labeled with a Requirement Number and Line Number. Input the R # and L # shown in parenthesis in the RQMT # / LN # field of the Advisor Request. In this example, it's R-1249/L-10. These numbers are required in order to ensure the substitution is processed correctly.


Step 9

Input the course number for the Original Course in the request. Then input the course that is being authorized as a substitution. If completed at another campus, please list the Institution name. If you have any additional comments, please write them in the Comments field.

If the authorized substitution is a course that the student may have completed more than once, such as a Special Topics course, please list the term the authorized substitution was completed as well as the full course title, unit total, and/or grade to help identify the correct substitution.

If you are submitting a substitution for an emphasis course, please list the student's emphasis in the Comments.

Step 10

In the Request Status box next to the Requester’s name, select Submit from the drop down menu. Then click Save at the bottom of the page. The request will now appear in the Responder’s In Basket for processing. You will receive an email notifying you of the request status once the Responder reviews it.