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Meet Mark Cox, Our Education Abroad Ambassador!

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Mark Cox

Meet Mark!

I think I have been firmly bitten by the travel bug. I see myself living in at least a few different places around the world. Teaching English somewhere might be exciting or, alternatively, I might just open the best bakery in town.

His Experience Abroad

My favourite part about my international experience were the incredible people I met and the friends I made. Throughout my time abroad I was introduced to a wide range of people all with completely different backgrounds, nationalities, and values. Whether it was a friend I would keep for the rest of the year or a one-off conversation with a stranger on a train ride, it was a fantastic experience meeting these new people who exposed me to new perspective on life.

Mark in Europe
Mark in the Netherlands
Mark in France

Mark's Advice for future #StudyAbrOtters:


Do some research on a bit of your destination’s history and culture before you go! Knowing at least some of the background, history, and culture on a place can make going there so much more enriching. If you know the history of the country and place, you aren't just going to an old castle and seeing it as an old castle. You can better understand the context as to why it was built and what lasting impact it had. This goes double for culture! It’s much more fun to follow along in traditions if you know why you’re doing it.


Don’t be afraid to spend some time in one place. Sure, you could travel around and see several different cities for one or two days each and say you did it, or you could choose one or two cites—don’t forget your host city—to stick around for a bit longer in and really soak in the atmosphere. By doing this you can pick up the subtle nuances that really make a place unique. In speaking with my friends who also studied abroad, this is one thing that many wish they had done. Oh, and eat as much food as possible; food is the gateway to a new culture!


It may be hard to leave your second home, but it helps to make some close native friends that you can talk to again. They’ll bring you back to that special place and if you’ve learned the language you can continue to use it. When you get back it could also be helpful to find a traditional restaurant, store, or district in your city from your study abroad country. You’ll be able to get back to that culture you miss and maybe even meet a few expats in the process.

Tabling with Mark

Stay tuned for tabling events and meet-ups with our ambassador to get answers to your study abroad questions.


For any questions or advice from Mark, please contact

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