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Skylar Explores Her Family Roots in the East Coast

Skylar Wolfe, Marine Science

Fall 2018, National Student Exchange - Towson University (Maryland)

Skylar Wolfe
Another continent seemed like an impossible feat, but the East Coast? I could do that. With some of my immediate family originating from the other side of the country, I felt a strong need to explore my roots.

I settled on Towson University in Maryland. Towson, a huge university with over 25,000 students, definitely made me nervous.

With my parents accompanying me, I jetted across 2,300 miles to reach my new home. I was welcomed with open arms. As I was left to my own devices, I quickly was able to settle in to my new residence.

I was tossed into a completely different culture even though I still remained in my home country.

I was taught how to crack open a crab, how to cook with Old Bay (there is no such thing as “too much”), and how to correctly attend a tailgate for a collegiate football game. I was involved in my studies and clubs that highlighted my environmental conservation interests. I made friends that will last a lifetime and memories that will never fade. I chose CSUMB because I wanted to stretch my wings but still remain close to my family in the Central Valley, but I felt that itch to go explore more. With the NSE program, I was able to scratch that itch, add to my undergraduate resume, and gain so many more life experiences. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

My advice is to stretch that comfort zone, scratch that itch, and don’t be afraid. I learned so much about myself and another culture all at the same time.

Skylar Wolfe