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Payroll Services

Absence Management FAQs

Absence Management is part of a CSU system wide leave accounting system. Absence Management Self Service (AMSS) provides the ability to report and track absences online. At CSUMB, all absences are reported through AMSS.

  • It is strongly recommended that you enter No Leave Taken and report that you did not take any time off during the pay period.

  • All absences must be entered by the last day of the pay period. You will receive a monthly email reminder with the entry deadline. The deadline is also available on the Payroll calendar.

  • You must complete the Absence & Additional Time Worked Report(634). This form must be signed by both you and your supervisor. The department timekeeper will use this form to enter your absences in AMSS and retain the original signed form for no less than four yeas.

  • No. All absences entered through self service certify your approval of the usage.

  • An employee can correct an absence up to the point when the supervisor approves the absence. The incorrect absence must be deleted by clicking the trash can symbol. Then you can enter the correct absence. If the supervisor has already approved then the supervisor must delete.

  • Complete the Absence & Additional Time Worked Report and forward to Payroll Services. Check the "Revision" box on the top of the form and show all leave usage for the month.

  • When in “Report and View Absences,” make sure that the “From” and “Through” dates are appropriate for the period you are reviewing. Click on the “Absence Status” hyperlink for “Existing Absence Events” to see details about the status. Every status change is time stamped and recorded including the supervisor approval of an absence.

  • You may enter time for the current month and two prior months in AMSS. Usage beyond two prior pay periods must be submitted to Payroll on the Absence & Additional Time Worked Report.

  • AM requires input of schedules to determine absence reporting on specific days. The system defines a schedule as the number of hours worked on specific days during the week. If your schedule is incorrect in the system, the absence duration will be incorrect. View your schedule and submit a Work Schedule Designation if a change is needed.

  • Navigate to Self Service > Time Reporting > View Time > Monthly Schedule

  • Complete a new Work Schedule Form.

  • Balances and accruals should post no later than the 10th of the next pay period.