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Cal Employee Connect

This is a secure web-based employee self-service portal that is owned and maintained by the State Controller’s Office. The portal is available for all California State employees to view and print earnings statements and W-2 wage and tax statements.

To register, you must have the paycheck number and total deductions from a prior earnings statement. This information is found on the physical earnings statement or through the CMS Employee Resources. Since you must have a paycheck number, you cannot register until your first paycheck has been issued.

Enroll in Cal Employee Connect

  1. Have a paper pay stub in hand OR access to View Paycheck from CMS Employee Resources
    • If you do not have either, please email for assistance
  2. Go to Cal Employee Connect
  3. Select Register
  4. Follow the prompts using these tips:
    • Select the Department "CSU, Monterey Bay"
    • Enter the Agency Code "226"
    • Enter the Earnings Statement Number from the paper pay stub OR the Paycheck Number from CMS View Paycheck
      • The number must include the leading zero and in the format shown in CEC.
      • Paper check example - CMS paycheck number of 3456789 would be entered as 03-456789
      • Direct deposit example - CMS paycheck number of 756789 would be entered as 07-456789
    • Enter Total Deductions
      • If using a physical pay stub, enter the dollar amount listed under deductions.
      • If using CMS View Paycheck, TOTAL DEDUCTIONS = Total Taxes + Total Deductions

If you have any questions or need help finding or calculating your total deductions, please email

Additional information regarding CEC is available on The State Controller's Office website -

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