Payroll Services

Direct deposit

The Direct Deposit system provides for the automatic deposit of all net earnings into the financial institution of your choice. You may choose to deposit your earnings in a checking account or a savings account. However, you must designate only one account to receive your funds.

All payments, including regular pay, shift differential, premium pay, overtime, awards and bonuses, etc., are transferred through Direct Deposit. You can view and download your pay statement through CalEmployee Connect.


All state-side employees are eligible to enroll in the Direct Deposit program.

Payroll Services or the State Controller's Office may cancel your Direct Deposit under the following conditions:

  • Your Direct Deposit payment is rejected by your financial institution
  • You have requested a disability benefit
  • It is necessary to recover/prevent over payments


To sign up for direct deposit or change your account status you will need to enroll in CalEmployee Connect. If you need to cancel your direct deposit please contact Payroll Services for assistance.