Payroll Services

Payroll & Compensation Information

You are able to view prior period paychecks and your compensation history through CMS HR Self Service.

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View compensation history

Navigation: Main Menu > MB Employee Self Service > Payroll > Compensation History

Compensation History will display changes to compensation (pay) from 7/1/2003 to present. The default display view of this page shows from “1/1/1900” to the current system date.

To view Compensation History for a specific time period, click the “View Another Date Range” button. The Select Date Range page will display. Enter “From Date” and “To Date” and click the continue button. This can be done for any date range from 7/1/2003 to present.

View your paycheck history

Navigation: Main Menu > MB Employee Self Service > Payroll > View Paycheck

The View Paycheck page provides information on current and historic paychecks and direct deposits as well as reversed checks. (Historic paycheck information is available as of July, 2003.)

The Paycheck Selection page allows you to view the Issue Date, Paycheck Number, Pay Period Dates, Net Pay, and Gross Pay. Click the blue "View Paycheck" link to view the details a specific check.

Once you open a paycheck, the paycheck number is located at the bottom of the statement under Check/Advice Number.

To print a statement, you will need to right mouse click and select print. Or, you may press the Ctrl + P buttons on your keyboard.

For questions regarding your Descriptions for Earnings, Taxes, Deductions, Benefits codes listed on your paycheck, see Deduction Abbreviation Help for additional information.

Your current paycheck will be available approximately by the 5th day of the following pay period.