College of Health Sciences and Human Services

Department of Nursing

Program outcomes

Nursing White Coat Ceremony '19

Program goals

  • Prepare students to read critically, write cogently, think broadly and challenge assumptions
  • Serve as collaborative, empathetic leaders to develop culturally responsive environments that foster well-being in local and global communities
  • Promote academic excellence to support life-long professional growth
  • Advocate for inclusion and social equity across all settings
  • Practice professionally from an integration of knowledge, skills and abilities

Major Learning Outcomes (MLOs)

    • 1. Develop effective leadership and management skills within the standards of nursing practice to improve patient safety and improve health outcomes for populations across the lifespan
    • 2. Practice collaboratively through integrity, dignity, collegiality and professionalism within an interdisciplinary team
    • 3. Apply culturally and linguistically responsive communication strategies with populations, communities, families, and individuals while attending to ethical standards and professional values
    • 4. Articulate how health policies are processed and how it informs the nursing profession and the population
    • 5. Advocate for a health-equity based assessment of a community's health status data, including health determinants, assets, barriers, and inequities
    • 6. Integrate theory and evidence from a broad discipline to critically analyze research in a scholarly manner that will build nursing knowledge, improve practice and health outcomes of diverse populations
    • 7. Use information and communication technology to gather data, create information, and generate knowledge to improve care coordination, team communication, and health outcomes

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