Student Housing and Residential Life

Meal plan changes

Please read the following rules and regulations regarding meal plan changes, and then contact our office at (831) 582-3378 or send us an email if you need to make a change to your meal plan. You can find all Meal Plan rules and requirements in the 2021 - 2022 Housing & Dining Plan License Agreement: Section 21.

WhoRequest TimingEffective Date
All Students Can request change of plan within first 2 weeks (but no later than the add/drop date.) Within 7 days of formal request to Student Housing.
All Students  Can increase a plan (or if you have no plan, can add a plan) at any time prior to last 2 weeks of semester once during the semester Within 7 days of formal request to Student Housing.
All Students Can request any other change of plan. Beginning of next semester.
Students who change from meal plan "required" to "optional" assignment. Only if housing transfer and residential dining plan decrease or terminate request is submitted to SHRL during the required dates (See Section 21h in the 2021-2022 Housing & Dining Plan License Agreement ) After approval by Licensor and Licensee and upon completion of room transfer process. (Daily charge for dining plan until room transfer completed and, as requested, Fall residential dining plan decreased and $50 change fee, OR Fall residential dining plan terminated and $150 termination fee)
Students with Optional Plans After first two weeks, student can request decrease, or cancel plan Beginning of next semester.
  • All Freshman and students living in Residence Halls must have either a Otter 7 Days, Otter 5 Days or Otter 225 Residential Meal Plan.
  • All students living in North Quad Suites must have one of the residential meal plans
  • Any student without a meal plan who transfers into Residence Halls or North Quad Suites will be required to have a meal plan effective with the room transfer date
  • There are no refunds or plan changes for any reason during the last two weeks of any semester.
  • Charges and refunds are prorated based on a daily charge for meals and flex, and the exact amount of flex used prior to plan change. All charges (including any administrative fees) and refunds are applied to the student's account.
  • Students may have only one dining plan at a time, either a residential or a commuter meal plan.
  • Student Housing will work to process any change requests as soon as possible by end of next business day after receipt of request. Unless otherwise noted above, changes may be effective no later than seven days of notice.
  • Emails will be sent to student as soon as changes have been made in the system and new plan is available; changes and charges will take a few more days to show up in your account.

*Please note - If you have a dietary restriction concern, please contact Dining Services to find out more information on possible accommodations.