Important Phone Numbers

For emergencies, dial 9-1-1

Student Housing & Residential Life General Information: 831-582-3378

Promontory Housing Office General Information: 831-582-5470

East Campus Housing Office General Information: 831-582-4802

East Campus Student Housing Maintenance & Payments (Alliance Office): 831-883-3157

University Police Business Line: 831-582-3360

University Police 24-hour non-emergency: 831-655-0268

Personal Growth and Counseling Center (M-F 8am-5pm): 831-582-3969

Student housing area phone numbers

Resident Advisors provide support that assist students to achieve personal, social and academic goals, and develop skills essential to productive citizenry. RAs serve as role models to the Cal State Monterey Bay community and are a vital advocate between the Cal State Monterey Bay administrators and residents.

Area 1 (Cypress, Asilomar, Willet, and Manzanita Halls)

Resident Advisor on Duty Phone: 831-402-5498

Community Director Phone: 831-582-4779

Area 2 (Yarrow, Avocet, Tortuga, and Sanderling halls)

Resident Advisor on Duty Phone: 831-402-5496

Community Director Phone: 831-582-3917

North Quad (Strawberry apartments, Pinnacles and Vineyard suites)

Resident Advisor on Duty Phone: 831-402-9027

Community Director Phone: 831-582-4005

Promontory apartments (West, Center, and East)

Resident Advisor on Duty Phone: 831-402-5503

Community Director Phone: 831-582-3808

East campus housing (Frederick Park I & II)

Resident Advisor on Duty Frederick Park I Phone: 831-402-5507

Resident Advisor on Duty Frederick Park II Phone: 831-402-5499

Alliance Residential Company Maintenance Emergency Number: 831-883-3157

(This number is an after hours operator who will connect you with facilities/maintenance - all after hours issues funnel through this answering service for the East Campus area)

Saratoga Community Center Phone: 831-582-4842

Antietam Community Center Phone: 831-582-4803

Frederick Park Community Director Phone: 831-582-4801