Student Housing and Residential Life

Guest Registration

Student Housing & Residential Life community standard on overnight guests

Subject to prior discussion with, and the express approval of all roommates/suitemates, a student may host an overnight guest (an individual whom stays in the room overnight). In the interests of the rights of roommates, suitemates, and other residents, there are limits to the duration and frequency of such visits. Further, as always, the resident “host” is responsible for the behavior of their guest.

The following conditions and procedures apply to the hosting of overnight guests:

  1. Guests that stay within any CSUMB housing facility between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., are considered “Overnight Guests” and are required to be registered.
  2. A resident may host an overnight guest in student housing with the prior consent of all roommates/suitemates.
  3. The total number of days a guest can stay is not to exceed 14 days over the course of the academic calendar year (i.e., August through May).
  4. Except with prior approval of all roommates/suitemates, and approval by Student Housing & Residential Life, no resident may host more than two (2) overnight guests at one time.
  5. Each guest must be registered individually.
  6. To promote overall campus safety and facilitate the entrance and exit of overnight guests from university housing, residents are required to register their non-residential overnight guests with Student Housing & Residential Life.
  7. Student Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to deny guest registration.

Overnight guest defined:

An overnight guest is defined as any residential or non-residential person who is staying within any CSUMB housing facility between the hours of midnight and 7 a.m.

  • For current CSUMB housing students who are assigned a living space with CSUMB (i.e. East Campus Apartment, North Quad, Main Campus), and decide to stay overnight at another CSUMB housing students living space, or host another CSUMB housing student, the hosted student is required to be registered.

All non-residential overnight guests must be registered in advance with the Student Housing & Residential Life. This purpose of this registration is designed for the safety of residents, guests, and other members of the University community. Failure to register an overnight guest pursuant to this Community Standard will result in disciplinary action.

“Non-residential overnight guest” refers to any guest who is a non-student, or a CSUMB student who does not live in University housing.

Registration of overnight guests within CSUMB housing:

The following link will be as identification on the Cal State University Monterey Bay Campus when presented by a guest who is accompanied by the host student. The host student may also be required to present a valid CSUMB student identification card.

  • Guests may be required to vacate University premises and/or events if they fail to present this form to university officials upon request.
  • Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as all residents.
  • The host student is responsible for the actions of his/her guest(s).
  • No guest may be housed in a lounge or other public area of university managed housing, Residence Halls, North Quad, or East Campus Apartments.
  • Residents are responsible for registering their guest(s) by completing this form at least 8 hours in advance.
  • The host student's completion of this form verifies that s/he agrees to abide by the terms
  • and conditions of the Guest Policy.

Please select the community where your guest will be staying and submit the associated Google Form:


Obtaining a parking pass for an overnight guest

For Main Campus guest parking:

Main Campus Parking Permits can be purchased at various locations around the Main Campus. The following link details more information regarding Main Campus parking for guests:

Buy a Main Campus Parking Permit

For East Campus (Frederick Park) guest parking:

Frederick Park guest parking permits are free. Fill out a Frederick Park Guest Parking Form. When you receive your responses in your email, print and place in the dashboard of the visitor’s vehicle.