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Cancel Housing

This information only pertains to the 2018-19 academic year. For information on the 2019-20 housing license, please see the new license for cancellation information.

Canceling prior to the designated license period

Students wishing to cancel their housing applications (Main Campus or East Campus) will have to fill out Cancel Housing Form which can be found by revisiting your application in MyHousing. More information on this is in your License Agreement.

Revisit your application via MyHousing

Cancellation Requests

  • The Licensee may request cancellation of a License for the living unit, including the Dining Plan, for any reason by giving written notice to University at least thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the License Period, which would be on or before June 21, 2019, for fall semester and on or before November 17, 2019, for spring semester.

$100 is designated as a Student Housing Deposit for current students, and $300 for new students. This deposit may be retained by the Corporation/Student Housing in the event of cancellation, in whole or in part, as described below:

If the University receives the cancellation request:

  • Prior to or on June 21, 2019 for fall semester licenses, or prior to or on November 17, 2019 for spring semester licenses the Reservation Deposit will be returned; or
  • Between June 22 and July 21 for fall semester licenses, or between November 18 and December 17 for spring semester licenses, a $100 cancellation fee will be assessed.
  • If the request is received, between July 22, 2019 through August 22, 2019 for fall semester and between December 18, 2019, through January 16, 2019 for spring semester, and the University approves the request a $200 cancellation fee will be assessed.
  • If the request is received after the August 22, 2019, move in date of the fall semester and the January 16, 2020 move in date of the spring semester (the move-in date of each semester) but prior to occupancy, and the University approves the request and a $300 cancellation fee will be assessed.

If you cancel your application while on a wait list or have yet to receive your assignment, the above cancellation charges will not apply to you.

Student Housing & Residential Life

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