Sustainability Website and Communications Development Coordinator

CSUMB Sustainability Office May, 2016 Wage $12.00 – $15.00 Hours 10-20 hours per week (during school); up to 40 hours during summer and school breaks.


  • Experience and proven ability to develop websites
  • Strong organizational skills


  • Experience with social media platforms used commonly at CSUMB
  • Ability to create and edit videos
  • Knowledge and understanding of the campus community


The Sustainability Office works to foster a culture of sustainability at CSUMB by engaging students, staff and faculty in campus sustainability efforts and providing campus-wide advocacy for sustainability. We provide information about why sustainability matters and support for taking steps to live and work more sustainably, a key platform for this effort is the Sustainability website. The website is in need of a complete update. Duties of this position include, but not limited to the following:

  • Meet with multiple stakeholders to gather and write content for the website pages
  • Develop the design and look of the campus sustainability website, including structure and layout of content.
  • Manage the “technical” components of the Sustainability Newsletter using mailchimp. (developing layout and design and incorporating content developed by other team members.
  • Coordinate stakeholder meetings to receive input and feedback on the website development process.
  • Work closely with other students engaged in sustainability on campus, including (but not limited to) Associated Students, Environmental Affairs Committee, etc.
  • Work with staff in web services to develop website and navigate any challenges encountered.
  • Support the efforts of other Sustainability Office student staff. Including the Student Sustainability Outreach Coordinator, the Student Zero Waste Coordinator and the Student Water Conservation Coordinator. (This includes participating in bi-weekly team meetings and communicating actively as projects require).

This position will play an important role in building community among students interested in sustainability and building awareness among students not currently engaged in sustainability. Including organizing social gatherings and focus groups.