About the Office


In 2015 CSU Monterey Bay hired its first Sustainability Director, and with it, the Office of Sustainability was created. However, there were many efforts to address Sustainability in campus operations before 2015. These efforts required the collaboration of numerous staff and faculty taking leadership roles to advance sustainability on campus.

Student Engagement

Students are a critical part of the efforts of Sustainability. Student employees within the Office of Sustainability support projects, reporting, communications, and outreach. In addition, there are many student-led partners across campus that participate in increasing campus sustainability. One such group is the Environmental Affairs Committee in Associated Students which is critical to sustainability efforts and works closely with the Office of Sustainability.

Sustainability and Inclusivity

The Office of Sustainability transitioned from the Department of Facilities, Construction, and Planning to the Office of Inclusive Excellence in the Summer of 2020. This is a reflection of the integrated nature of sustainability to the campus community as well as the intersectional efforts between sustainability, social justice, equity, and environmental performance.

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