Progress on 3 Core Goals

1. Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In accordance with the first goal of the 2020 Inclusive Sustainability Plan, reducing the amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions at our institution is of utmost importance to us, our students, and the Earth.

2. Planting Trees

It is our goal to plant 2,030 trees by the year 2030, which requires active planning and action from various faculty, staff, and student groups on our campus.

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3. Diverting Waste

The state of California has mandated to divert at least 75% of waste-related materials by 2020. Although the campus has historically met this requirement based on the high demolition and construction diversion, the daily practices of the campus community will need to improve to continue to meet these goals. Implementing programs that allow students to benefit from reuse initiatives enhances student success and helps the University meet its state mandate.

Materials Management

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