Student Life

Respondent Services

CSUMB is committed to offering all students fair and equitable services. When a student is accused of a Title IX or any suspension/expulsion level violation, the student (Respondent) may, upon request, engage the help of the CSUMB Care Manager, or a designee thereof, to act as a consultant. The Care Manager is a staff member who can provide support to Respondents by helping the person understand available resources and offer process support throughout the investigation and appeal process, if any. This includes providing a non-confidential supportive space to help the Respondent navigate campus impacts.

The Care Manager, designee, or different advisor of choice can assist with the following:

  • Act as a support person during investigation interviews and early resolution discussions;
  • Assist with issues related to retaliation.
  • Act as a liaison between the Respondent and faculty;
  • Provide other security and support, which could include working with appropriate offices to issue a no-contact order, if residential help arrange a room change, or course schedules or adjustments for assignments, tests, or work duties;
  • Refer to available academic support, counseling, medical/health or mental health services, and legal assistance both on and off campus;
  • Review documents and materials from the investigation report to help the respondent understand the process;

The Care Manager or designee cannot provide legal advice.

The University will not generally notify parents or legal guardians of allegations against a student unless they are under the age of 18 or provide the University with written permission to do so.

If you are the Respondent in an investigation and would like the aforementioned assistance, please reach out to the Care Manager, Joanna Snawder-Manzo.