Student Life

Otter Be Involved

What is Otter Be Involved?

Otter Be Involved is a weekly email that is sent to all students, faculty and staff during the academic year. The content within the email has information about events, opportunities, scholarships, and general campus notifications that are available to all students. Faculty and staff and included in these email to provide them with resources available to students and in most cases themselves.

Information that is typically not included in Otter Be Involved are reoccurring general meetings, fundraisers, tabling, class projects, individual capstone projects, and non-affiliate ads.

How do I submit a request?

You may submit a request to Otter Be Involved by emailing

You may also submit a request through our university's scheduling system, 25Live. When you are scheduling a space, there is an option under "categories" for "MC-Otter Be Involved" that will notify us that there is a request to have the information be included.

Who can submit requests to Otter Be Involved?

All students, faculty, and staff can submit requests for Otter Be Involved.

Required Information for Submission:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Location
  • 2-3 Sentence Blurb
  • Images (optional)
  • Links
  • Cost (if there is any)

In addition, please let us know when you would like to see the information included in Otter Be Involved. The email is sent every Monday to all students, staff and faculty. My recommendation is to request your information run for 2 weeks before your event and/or the registration/sign-up deadline.

If you have an event block created for your event, you may send the link to your event block with the date you would like the information included and skip the requirements above.