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Tritia Moneypenny


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Tritia (pronounced Trisha) is SLI's new Coordinator of Community Partnerships. Armed with her master's in youth development and service learning from Kansas State, Tritia actively combats white saviorism in volunteer efforts. She is a member of Whites for Racial Equity, a local chapter of SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice), and Board Vice-Chair for Black Leaders and Allies Collaborative. Tritia also has a B.S. in Marine Biology, with a minor in Education, from UC Santa Cruz. In the past, she worked at Monterey Bay Aquarium for nearly 12 years, at York School for over 5.5 years, and at Northwestern University's Civic Leadership Institute for two summers, among others. Having been in the realms of animal advocacy, ocean conservation, environmental conservation and advocacy, and social justice in the Monterey Bay area for more than 20 years, Tritia already has relationships and connections with many of the Institute's community partners. In her spare time, Tritia enjoys walking in Ford Ord or on the beach with her husband and three little dogs, planning events or weddings, spending time with her plants, and getting together with friends for a variety of social occasions.

Title: Coordinator of Community Partnerships
Phone: (831)582-5175
Website: LinkedIn

Social Justice Interest Areas / Social Justice Concerns:

Combating white saviorism, continuing anti-racism efforts within myself and my networks, voter/civic education, and participation, women's rights & ocean conservation.