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IAR Insights - Spring 2017

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Welcome to our inaugural issue of IAR Insights!

In this issue:

Based on the feedback received regarding students' perceptions of and satisfaction with the education and services they receive from CSUMB, the results of these two student-centered studies (CSUMB Experience Study and CIRP Freshman Survey) should enable the university to make data-informed decisions to improve the overall student experience at CSUMB.

2016 CSUMB Experience Study

In Spring 2016, all undergraduate degree-seeking students at CSUMB were invited to participate in the student experience survey, and 3,548 students responded to at least a portion of the survey; 2,860 students respondent to at least half of the questions; and 2,101 students responded to a majority of the questions. These participation rates were 53.4%, 43.2%, and 31.7% of the student body, respectively. Characteristics of the study participants broadly matched those of the CSUMB student body at large. Racial/ethnic groups and students by class level responded to the survey at rates proportionate with the racial/ethnic and class level characteristics of the overall CSUMB undergraduate student population. Females were somewhat over-represented in the survey population with nearly 70% of respondents identifying as female compared to the overall undergraduate population of CSUMB being 62% female.

2016 CSUMB Experience Study infographic (narrative description below)


Quantitative visualization reports

Four interactive, quantitative visualization reports of the 2016 CSUMB Experience Study are available with questions curated to the different business needs on campus and include:

Screen reader accessible versions of the quantitative reports are also available.

Qualitative reports

“The professors have been exceptional and extremely helpful and supportive in furthering my education.”
Anonymous Student

Access the 2016 CSUMB Experience Study qualitative results to open-ended survey questions via IAR's Qualitative Survey Reporting Tool. Via this tool, users can explore open-ended responses and can access the Qualitative Summary Report and Qualitative Presentation (Note: If you do not yet have access to IAR's Qualitative Survey Reporting tool, request access. You will need to use your Otter single sign on ID to login to the Qualitative Survey Reporting Tool.)

CIRP Freshman Survey

In fall 2016, freshman students at CSUMB were invited to take part in the 2016 CIRP Freshman Survey. This survey collects important information from incoming students early in their college experience and examines established behaviors in high school, academic preparedness, admissions decisions, expectations of college, interactions with peers and faculty, student values and goals, student demographic characteristics, and concerns about financing college.

Six hundred freshman CSUMB students were invited to participate in the 2016 CIRP Freshman Survey, and 539 students responded to the request, for an overall response rate of 89.8%.

In the infographic below, CSUMB students are compared with national results of all participating freshman students.

Results presentation

For more detailed reporting on CSUMB's results, access the 2016 results presentation. In the detailed 2016 results presentation, CSUMB students are compared to public four-year colleges of low selectivity. The CIRP Freshman Survey uses CIRP Constructs in their reporting to help summarize important information about participating students. These constructs statistically aggregate the results from CIRP questions that tap into key aspects of the college experience. They focus on student traits and institutional practices contributing to students' academic and social development. Visit the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) website for more information on CIRP constructs. To learn more about the CIRP Freshman Survey and to view the 2016 Monograph of national results, visit HERI's CIRP Freshman Survey website.

2016 CIRP Freshman Survey infographic (narrative description below)


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