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The Procurement Card (Pro-Card or P-Card) has been implemented to provide an easy and expeditious method for campus departments to make purchases. P-Cards are issued in the name of the individual (Cardholder) whose purchases are reviewed and authorized by their Approving Official. 

For more information please refer to the Procard Handbook (2024).

**Note: You do NOT need to send monthly reconciliation reports through Adobe Sign. Dropping the files into the Google Drive ONLY is preferred**

    • Overall security of the card 
    • Ensure the card is used according to the policies outlined in the handbook.  All purchases must comply with CSU procurement and contracting policies and procedures.
    • Immediately report lost or stolen cards to the Bank and the Program Administrator.
    • Obtain itemized sales receipts for each transaction when goods are received.
    • Get credit from the merchant on returned goods and disputed items.  Credit receipts must be included with the monthly reconciliation statement/report.
    • If the Approving Official changes, the Cardholder must submit the Approving Official Change form.
    • Office supplies (purchased through CSUBuy)
    • Subscriptions and memberships
    • Conference and Training registrations
    • Catering through our campus vendor, Chartwells 
    • IT hardware/software, such as monitors and online applications*
    • Furniture*
    • Contractual Services*
    • Computer hardware, including Printers*

    *Allowed with limited restrictions. Refer to Section 3 of Procard Handbook (2024)

  • To apply for a ProCard, please fill out a ProCard Application and submit to when finished.

  • If an approving official changes, a departmental change occurs, or a permanent change to monthly spending limits is needed, please submit a ProCard Revision Form.

  • If you would like an increase in your monthly spending limits, please send an email to your approving official (the signature authority on your reconciliation reports) with your desired new limits, and copy Whenever authorized authority gives their approval, your limits can be updated.

  • The billing cycle for Procards is from the 15th of the month to the 16th of the following month.  At the close of each monthly billing cycle, the Cardholder will be notified via email that the charges are available for review and reconciliation.
    Please refer to our Job Aid to see step-by-step directions on how to reconcile your ProCard for monthly review. If a refresher training is needed or any questions arise, email
  • For all expense/budget transfers, a Financial Transaction Request will need to be completed via Adobe Workflow. Email for assistance.

  • With any declining online or in-store purchases, please email a request to to have your transaction reviewed.

    • Loan out the card
    • Purchase any prohibited items
    • Split transactions to circumvent the single-purchase limit
  • If having trouble accessing CFS from the Dashboard, send an email to and copy

  • FY 2024/25 Procurement Card Schedule

    FY 2024/25 Declining Balance Card Schedule

    Procard Handbook (2024)

    ProCard Reconciliation Guide

    Procard Application Form

    ProCard Revision Form

    ProCard Lost Receipt Form

    Hospitality Expense Justification Form



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