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Online International Summer Session at Chonnam National University

The Online International Summer Session at Chonnam National University in South Korea is part of our Education Abroad Virtual International Passport (VIP) Program for the summer of 2021. An Education Abroad VIP program is an online experience that connects you with international opportunities and infuses your educational experience with a global foundation. Just as in a traditional Education Abroad program, you’ll take courses from instructors who are experts in the field and often are on the ground in the location you are learning about.

Application deadline

March 20, 2021

Program details

  • June 24 - July 20, 2021

    Application deadline: March 20th, 2021

  • Undergraduate Courses:

    • Korean Listening and Speaking 1 (Beginner)
    • Korean Listening and Speaking 2 (Intermediate)
    • Management Information System - taught in English
    • Pet and Companion Animal - taught in English
    • Internet of Things and Stream Date (From Silicon to Smart Cities) - taught in English

    Graduate courses:

    • Advanced Mechanical Vibration
    • Research Methods for Cultural Tourism
    • User Interface Design and Testing in Instructional Technology

    Class Hours: 45 hours (3 hours a day / 4 days a week / M, T, Th, F). Time: 7:00am-10:am (PST)

    Students can take a course and get three (3) US credits and learn about Korea with international students from 20 different countries along with Chonnam students. The program also includes:

    • Cultural Experiences: All participants will receive a box full of amazing Korean stuff! - See the unboxing video.
    • K-Pop Dance (BTS member, J-hope’s dancing teacher will join us!)
    • K-Food (Hoddeok) Making
    • Korean Calligraphy and make an Injang (Korean personal seal)
    • Language Exchange with Korean buddy
  • Description Cost
    CNU Online Summer Session Fee 500,000KRW - paid to CNU - Convert currency to US dollars
    CNU Application Fee (Non-refundable) 150,000KRW - paid to CNU - Convert currency to US dollars
    CNU Cultural Experience and Program Fee 350,000KRW - paid to CNU - Convert currency to US dollars
    CSUMB Education Abroad Fee Waived for CSUMB students participating in virtual programs