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CSU International Programs Scholarships

CSU International Programs Scholarship Opportunities are available through the California State University International Programs office, and come in a variety of forms. Please browse below to see the types of scholarships available through CSUIP.

  • CSUIP Scholarships: Made possible through the generosity of former CSUIP participants. Scholarships of $500 are available to students accepted into any of the IP programs. The scholarship is awarded based on scholastic merit and financial need.

    • Applications are due February 1 (May 1 for Australia and South Africa) and should be submitted to your IP Coordinator.
    • Hint: These usually go to people who have a strong GPA and show financial need or writing prowess, and to those whose campus has not received one of the scholarships in the past year.
  • Michelle Marriott Memorial Scholarship Award - This scholarship was created in memory of Michelle Marriott who was an International Student in Aix-en-Provence, France in 1985-1986. Ms. Marriott became ill with cancer and passed away in January 2014. A qualified student will be selected each year from participants in Aix-en-Provence to receive $1,000

    • Hint: No specific application is required but a mention of the scholarship in your Education Abroad purpose statement might help.
    • Must submit your Education Abroad application by February 1 for scholarship consideration.
  • This scholarship of $1,000 is available for qualified students accepted into the IP Ghana Program.

    • Applications are due February 1 and must be submitted to your IP Coordinator.
  • Ward Wallach Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship was created to recognize the achievements and to foster values of Mr. Ward Wallach. Mr. Wallach was a student in the CSU International Programs at Waseda University in 1982-1983; he perished in an airplane crash in 1985. An annual scholarship award of $500 is given to an accepted participant in Japan.

    • Applications are due February 1
  • Wang Family Scholarships: Recognizing the importance of international education, the Wang Family generously provides scholarships for study in China and Taiwan with the CSU International Programs. Scholarships of $4,000 are available to students accepted into China or Taiwan programs.

    • Wang Family Scholarship applications are due February 1 and must be submitted to your IP Coordinator.
    • Hint: There are at times more scholarships than applicants so all students going to these countries are encouraged to apply.


Consideration shall be given to any California State University student who is applying to an International Programs study abroad program.

How to Apply

  • Log in to your International Programs Student Application Account.
  • Click on your program application.
  • Complete and submit a Scholarship Application located in the Applications Questionnaire(s) section of the Program Application page.

Award selection

Recipients will be selected competitively based on financial need and academic merit and other factors related to the applicant.