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Free tutoring and SI through the Cooperative Learning Center. Whether your goal is to pass this course or maintain your 4.0, CLC tutors and SI leaders can help you study smarter in Math & Statistics, Science, Writing & Reading, Languages and Technology. Study time at CLC clarifies difficult or confusing course content and increases your reading, writing, speaking, and studying success. For information on our 7-day-a-week virtual services, visit, including Zoom front desk support to help you identify your needs and schedule an appointment. For specific questions, email

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Information about virtual Zoom tutoring/SI

We prioritize Zoom/tech tools for tutors and leaders, with a focus on inclusive facilitation. Our peer tutors and SI leaders are trained in Zoom for group facilitation as well as metacognitive strategies to foster student independence. Our students create supportive, co-curricular learning spaces for students to work outside of class on content and skills, just the same as if they were meeting students in person. If you have questions about our approach, contact the Director,

Scheduling and privacy. Students must make appointments via TutorTrac for security reasons. Tutors and leaders do not share recorded sessions directly with students via email. CLC administration can share with students who request the session if they were signed up for that session. Recorded sessions cannot be made public/widely available to the class but, again, only to those who made appointments for that session. Questions about session materials should be directed at

How to Support Us

  • Understand our mission. While we are not a fix-it shop, our dedicated peer tutors are happy to work with your student to help them identify learning needs and give them strategies to address these needs. We also understand how nerve wracking it can be for students to walk into a tutoring center for the first time. Our peer tutors are selected not only on the basis of academic success, but for their ability to create an inclusive, welcoming learning atmosphere.
  • Connect the center to academic success rather than failure or punishment for poor performance. Discuss the CLC with students at the start of the semester, and refer students as you introduce specific assignments. Announce special events and workshops.
  • Contact one of our subject coordinators to request a class visit. Our peer tutors are happy to present information about our services, including how to make appointments, center hours, types of tutoring we offer, and what a typical tutoring session looks like.
  • I’m not faculty, can I still refer students to the CLC? Yes, please. We rely on our campus partnerships. Several programs work directly with students, including Student Housing & Residential Life, EOP, TRiO Support Services, Financial Aid, Center for Advising, Career & Student Success, International Programs, the Transfer Center, PGCC and the Care Team.
  • I have some questions about your services. Is it possible to chat with you? We welcome conversation! Please contact our director and any of our subject coordinators with your questions.

Do you plan to require visits to the Cooperative Learning Center?

If you plan on requiring your students to visit to the Cooperative Learning Center, please first contact

We are happy to discuss different options and ways we can help your students succeed. To make sure we can accommodate your request, we ask that you talk to us before making an announcement in class.