Cooperative Learning Center

Mission & Philosophy

The Cooperative Learning Center engages a community of diverse learners in peer-to-peer collaboration to develop study skills, habits of mind, and knowledge essential for interdisciplinary learning.

Program Philosophy

The Cooperative Learning Center empowers students to become independent learners. Our program works with faculty and staff to design and offer effective, collaborative, and active learning experiences. We provide tutors with the opportunity to develop teaching, leadership, and communication skills. In accordance with the Vision Statement, the Learning Center staff and tutors:

  • Respect all students' need to look for assistance and to maintain confidentiality regarding their academic and personal concerns.
  • Subscribe to the belief that each individual is unique and may require a personalized approach
  • Understand our professional limitations in order to determine whether or not to deliver direct assistance or to refer the student to other resources on campus.
  • Work with students to identify and address learning needs efficiently and effectively
  • Value learner diversity by treating all students fairly and equitably, while recognizing and respecting individual rates of development.