Cooperative Learning Center

Work For Us

Welcome to the Cooperative Learning Center. The CLC offers employment for students seeking paid professional experience as tutors, leaders, and peer coaches. Look over our applicant information slides for more information about our program model, requirements for CLC employees, application requirements, resume and cover letter support, and more.  For all general questions, please email us @

Application Instructions

All application materials must be submitted via Otter Jobs.

  • Step 1: Prepare a resume and cover letter.
  • Step 2: Complete the Student Assistant Application, also available on the Otter Jobs page.
  • Step 3: Submit all items via Otter Jobs.

Our Model

  • Peer-to-peer help
  • Work together with others
  • Empower students to use resources as a way to develop and practice study strategies
  • Develop Habits of Mind

Learning Support  

Tutoring sessions take place in two modalities, by appointment, and by drop-in.

We offer support in the following subjects.

  • Math
  • Business
  • Technology
  • World Languages- ASL, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian 
  • Linguistic 
  • Writing and Reading
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Peer Coach

The coordinators will review application materials and schedule interviews. 

Fall 2024 CLC positions

CLC Business Tutor- Fall 2024 ID: 143302

CLC Language Tutor- Japanese- JAPN- Fall 2024 ID: 143298

CLC Language Tutor- Spanish- SPAN- Fall 2024 ID: 143299

CLC Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader- BIO 210- Fall 2024 ID: 143437

CLC Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader- BIO 311- Fall 2024 ID: 143438

CLC Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader- STAT 250- Fall 2024 ID: 147618

CLC Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader-MATH 150- Fall 2024 ID: 143439

CLC Writing Tutor (LING 392/Liberal Studies)- Fall 2024 ID: 143301

CLC Writing Tutor (Undergraduate & Graduate)- Fall 2024 ID: 143300

Cooperative Learning Center Peer Academic Coach- Fall 2024 ID: 143303

CLC Mathematics Tutor- Fall 2024 (Math 170,250,265,308,309)
ID: 147934

CLC Statistic - STAT 100 Tutor- Fall 2024 ID: 149762

Priority Deadline: April 19th