Cinematic Arts studio with students working with green screen and lighting.

The Cinematic Arts and Technology Department is dedicated to the education of socially engaged and diverse filmmakers. At Cinematic Arts we nurture the creative voice of the individual, develop critical consciousness, and foster meaningful dialogue and active engagement with the community.

Working as a close-knit interdisciplinary community and through project-based learning, the Cinematic Arts department allows students to master the conceptual and technical skills of the contemporary media artist and professional, while providing a historical, theoretical, and critical context for creative work.

Students are encouraged to develop their unique voices working within a variety of cinematic forms, including fiction, documentary, experimental, interactive cinema, and animation. Through our community partnerships they are provided with opportunities for social engagement and high-profile exhibition of their work.

Our curriculum presents the cultural impact of cinema as art, industry, and technology, providing the framework for the development of innovative, ethical, and technically proficient media professionals preparing students for graduate study, employment in related industries and careers as media artists.

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Upcoming news & events

Sundance Comes to Salinas 12.07.2018

Friday, December 7, 2018
7:15pm — 8:15pm


Screening: Shorts from the Sundance Film Festival

Fall 2018 Open Screenings

Friday, December 14
10:00am — 10:00am
Cinematic Arts & Technology

Cinematic Arts Studio


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Fall 2018 Capstone Festival

Thursday, December 20
6:00pm — 9:00pm
World Theater


Come on down and watch 14 amazing films created by Fall 2018 Cinematic Arts and Technology graduates!

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