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CAHSS Student Stories: Congratulations UROC/McNair Scholars Cohort

UROC Scholars/McNair Scholars Cohort 12 students in zoom boxes

UROC Scholars/McNair Scholars Cohort

CAHSS is proud to celebrate all the new UROC Scholars/McNair Scholars.  This cohort of fourteen work with faculty research mentors to secure summer research positions here and across the country as well as present their research at academic conferences and more in support of their career and graduate school pursuits.  

  • Serena Ross, Psychology, Research Mentor: Renee Penalver
  • Jissel Antonio, Humanities & Communication, Research Mentor: Chrissy Hernandez
  • Kattie Padilla, Psychology, Research Mentor: Jill Yamashita
  • Gabriel Morales, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Research Mentor: Juan José Gutiérrez
  • Rosa Elena Acevedo Duran, Psychology, Research Mentor: Jennifer Lovell
  • Kimberly Smith, Collaborative Health & Human Services, Research Mentor: Jennifer Lovell
  • Moana Bullock, Marine Science, Research Mentor: Sherry Palacios
  • Melina Cavett, Marine Science, Research Mentor: Alison haupt
  • Zachargy Vayder, Marine Science, Research Mentor: Alison Haupt
  • Katilin Roetcisoender, Marine Science, Research Mentor: James Lindholm
  • Ingrid Martinson, Marine Science, Research Mentor: Sherry Palacios
  • Alexandra Yokomizo, Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy, Research Mentor: John Olson
  • Nicholas Romero, Marine Science, Research Mentor:  Sherry Palacios
  • Taylor Trivino, Marine Science, Research Mentor: Alison Haupt

Thanks to our friends in UROC for sharing the great news, and to the scholars-congratulations!

More about the McNair Scholars Program.