College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

CAHSS Graduation Stories: Integrated Studies Special Major

Andrea Jones describes herself as a senior, senior this year. She said: “In May, I will finally achieve something I have promised myself for many years: a college degree. Being able to enroll in ISSM meant I could take the courses necessary to apply for a Master’s Program in Art Therapy without having to double major in art and psychology. It has been very fulfilling to work with my Professor Mendoza of the VPA department, Professor Burchett of the Psychology department and my ISSM Advisor, Professor Robinson. Under their direction, I have had an educational experience that is truly meaningful to me. This summer, I will intern at a camp for underprivileged children, where I will continue co-creating art. I am also applying for graduate school and art residencies around the world.”

Andrea Cerventes is a first generation student and the first woman in her family to attend college. She worked part time while attending CSUMB. She said, “ISSM meant a lot to me, this was the most viable way of achieving my academic goals. I will be going to Law School after I graduate to pursue a career in the International and Comparative Law field. I am also interested in going into Civil Rights Law.”

Lauren Gutierrez Brown’s Integrated Special Studies Major degree, focused on music business and marketing is built on her Associate's degree in classical vocal performance from Cabrillo College. She has worked in the local music industry throughout her college career and currently is employed by the Carmel Bach Festival as an Artistic Management & Marketing Associate. ISSM has provided Lauren with the opportunity to build a program of study which supports her career in an efficient manner, graduating within two years.