College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

CAHSS Graduation Stories: Humanities & Communications Ilene Gomez and Shirley Ramos Named Outstanding Future Alumni

Ilene Gomez

Ilene Gomez, center, shown with nominators HCOM Chair Dr. Sam Robinson,left, and Dr. Kelly Medina-Lopez, right.

Ilene Gomez is a first-generation Humanities and Communication student and acts as a peer mentor to other first-gen students through the TRiO Student Support Services program. Along with being involved in other events, she was the lead organizer of a campus-wide first-gen celebration last fall, featuring guest speakers and workshops. Ilene is also a UROC Researcher, helping to bring more visibility to humanities research, and encouraging more humanities students to apply to UROC. Ilene will be attending Penn State's graduate program in Writing and Rhetoric in fall 2020, and is committed to creating pathways for multilingual, multicultural, gender-equitable learning and social justice/activism at that university. She was recently named one of CSUMB's Outstanding Future Alumni.

Shirley Ramos

Shirley Ramos shown with nominator HCOM Visiting Professor Angel Dominguez

Shirley single-handedly revived the CSUMB publication In The Ords as president of the group which led to a number of community engaged readings and events that helped to support both the literary publication, as well as the community of student writers on campus. She has endured and overcome many hurdles as a student and working single mother. Shirley is a resourceful, caring, and committed individual who pays it forward, creating important, inclusive spaces for communities to gather and grow. She was recently named one of CSUMB's Outstanding Future Alumni.